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Hi Rose I am one of your very ardent students, I have a problem that I think I need serious help with. 10/11 Years ago my son went out with a girl who we later found out was a Satanist, they did split up and go their separate ways, but I have recently been told that she put a hex/curse on me and she did at the time borrow a pair of socks from me, which she did not return; at about the same time I had a 2 bad falls, and damaged my right foot in 3 places, the risers in my foot were damaged I have never fully healed from this though I have tried many things. it is still very painful and has worsened over time. Also my son has been plagued with bad luck, is it possible to release this in some way? Your help would be much appreciated Bright blessings Rebecca I have been told that she used the socks and 6 inch nails to damaged my lower leg,

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is unfortunate that your son’s ex-girlfriend has damaged your lower leg using black magic that would certainly affected her own life too in a negative manner. It is unbelievable to hear that some people, especially younger people, do what they wish without caring about the consequences of their actions.
Here is a spell that you may use to get rid of this curse:
Cast off Evil – Hex Breaker Spell
For this spell you will need four candles of any color, Protection oil and Uncrossing oil which you can buy from an occult store or make it yourself.
Step 1: Take all items to a deserted cross-roads
Step 2: Dress three of the candles with Protection Oil
Step 3: Line the three candles in the shape of a triangle with the point farthest away from you.
Step 4: Dress the fourth candle with Uncrossing Oil
Step 5: Now snap it or break it with gusto but do not break the wick. As you break the candle, visualize the hex being broken
Step 6: Place the broken candle in the middle of the triangle and light it.
Step 7: Chant:
May the evil worked against me be broken and VANISH
Just as I have broken this candle and its smoke is VANISHING
So the evil worked against me disappears in DEFEAT!
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. bee says:

    hi there, i’m sure there is a hex on the place were im living now. because since ive come to this place. ive not found full time employment or found any friends. it still is in my partner x girl friend’s name and he doesnt seem to want to change things yet. she moved out, but she still visit him. is this the bad vibes im sensing. please help me.

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