How to get rid of an unknown curse?

This is based on an unknown wicca demon. See what happened is that, when I was young. I used to have these dreams of a pile of corpses and a demon like figure standing on top of the pile of corpse laughing a demonic laugh. But I have come to realize that this is a curse that was placed on me when i was young because I have either been hurt really bad or hurt some one else really bad with out knowing it until it’s to late. I need to know of a way to lift this curse or counter react it. So my question is that how do I get rid of an unknown wiccan’s curse?

Here is a spell that gets rid of unknown curses: Prepare Four Thieves Vinegar by adding crushed garlic, black pepper, red cayenne pepper, corinder seeds, lavendar, mint, rosemary and thyme to apple cider vinegar and leaving it untouched for four days. Make Uncrossing oil by mixing oils of Hyssop and Angelica and Frankincense with a teaspoon of sea salt, a pinch of black pepper, cayenne pepper, a sprig of rue, freshly crushed garlic clove and a section of a broken chain. Make a doll to represent you. You can make it with old rags stuffed with cotton. Write your name on a piece of paper and pin it or sew it on the doll while saying : You represent Now keep the doll in a large glass dish and cover it with the vinegar solution. Allow it to sit outside, soaking the moon’s powerful rays. In the morning, remove and throw out the liquid and allow the doll to dry out. Place the doll on a white piece of cloth. Pour the prepared Uncrossing oil over it. Wrap up the cloth, taking care of fold it AWAY from you. Bury the doll in the ground chanting “Here I lie, the curse on me DIES” repeatedly as you bury the doll. The spell will now be buried deep in the Earth and you will be free of it. Plant a cactus or nettles above the soil so that it is left undisturbed. Go home and do a purification spell to keep you free forever. Hope this helps.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Hello Rose,

    I have been receiving information via e-mail from you for 101 days today. You have changed so much in my world. My wish – When I get the money I will be purchasing your course. I so wish with all inside of me I already had it(Believe me i have been trying to get the money together for so long and everytime something happens and I am unable send you the money) why I don’t know. So, until my spirits assist me with that, i look forward receiving your mail. Tell me Rose, how come so many people want to become witches just to free themselves of pain and discomfort. How can a person ever cast a spell, or a curse or anything negative on somebody els and feel good about doing that. That is just bad news. I myself have had to deal with negative energy being placed on me and because I am open to that It hit me back into my previous life I would say. Some people will gladly take your money giving you a guarantee that they can help you even saying; Oh, this is no problem for me to solve. Yeah right!!! They have your money and you have the curse.Lovely man just charming lol. That is why I want to buy your course. I want to help. I truely want to help people reach a stage where unwanted energy, curses and negative “things” return to its source. This may sound odd to some people out there. Believe me, you have no idea where I have been or where I had to go because of some individual who cursed me – they didn’t even leave a note to say why (as if they would). We need to start with the basics we need to start within ourselves before we can open the door. So, my fellow witches – or to be, when I have the course that Rose published, know that I will be on the 12th plane.

    To you Rose, I don’t just give an Ice Cream, I give you the factory.



  2. carlos roger says:

    plz send me ur phone number i wish ti talk to u and if possible make an appointment to c u thank u

  3. Danapati das valdes says:

    Dear Rose : most of the things you ask for in some or not all spells are hard to get a hold of and for myself just to run around finding these items for spells and such are almost imposible .DO you have any suggestion ?
    One Master told me that if one see in the minds eye the event or items for rituals or spells
    that it will also work. Please give me your ideas to this Thank you and Blessed be

  4. David says:

    How can i break a spell cast on me & family

  5. Paul Bracken says:

    Dear Rose, I have been having very bad luck of late and in the past I found Your site of great interest and I am going to try some of the notes You posted on the site regarding “How to get rid of an unknown curse”. Please if You could Wish for Good Luck to enter My Life and that of My family I will be FOREVER Greatful. Yours sincerely, Paul Bracken from Ballyfermot Dublin 10 Ireland. Thank You Ever so much Rose. 0860872327

  6. Lorena says:

    Dear Rose,
    One bad thing after another. I can’t get a break! I feel I’m cursed and want help to get rid of it! Why is it always the good people that get outwronged by the bad? I’m sick and tired of being sick, tired and wronged! Please help.

  7. S.A.C.S says:

    I think I/we have a curse on me/my family. The last couple of years, I have felt a dark cloud around me and my family. People would meet me and I would make great friends and I knew I had angels watching over and protecting me. Sometimes now people meet me and they have so much anger and hate towards me and I don’t feel I have goodness around me. How can I change that? I have prayed to God and asked forgiveness for anything I might have done and also asked him to watch over me. It just feels so dark and evil around me. I don’t understand.

  8. carolina says:

    plz dont take this the wrong way but its kind of hard to believe in all this stuff. But what I do know is that I believe a witch tried to do harm to me when I little. I dont know how I know I just do. My mom and grandmother used to believe that I myself was a witch with some sort of powers. My grandmother also had a curse placed on her by one of my grandfathers girlfriends, the curse was ment for her and all her family. So I guess what im woundering is how do I know any of this is true I used to believe that if you dont believe in it, nothing can happen to you. But part of that curse was money and everyone in my family is never ok when it comes to money.

  9. Marshall says:

    Not sure, but I have reason to think I am cursed. Many bad things have happened in my family and roots. I pray, but nothing happens. Really right now, just lost and not sure. Can you just offer some advice?

  10. Amy says:

    Hi Rose, I’m not sure about this, but i was told that i have a spell on me and who ever had done it has died, but it is still strong. I may be crazy but they also told me that this person wanted to do harm to me..this was through a fortune teller… and she said she would take the spells of for money.. I don’t have anything??? or I wouldn’t be asking.. truly I know a little about the craft, but not much. I’m really scared an in October1st 09 I was in a car crash I had a little car, and i jumped in front of a tri-axel fully loaded dumptruck I swear to u right now I looked I didn’t see him comming.. but, that was enough of a scare for me.., my family has had really bad luck, and something is wrong it just doesn’t make since., and i’m not sure if i should believe this person either.maybe she just out for money, and if she can scare me to do it, but one thing she said is in all the years she been doing this. she said she’s never seen it this bad before. what do I do, can you help, very confused, and need assistance from u.

  11. Linda says:

    how do u know if someone has cursed u.

  12. Tatiana says:

    Hi Rose,

    I went to see a woman without knowing that she could see the aura of everyone. Once I went inside she asked me if I felt without energy, and tired, and moody, or depressed. And in fact I do feel very tired for an year and a half now, and it’s getting worse healthwise also. Problems with pneumonia in the last 2 years that almost killed me, and with my heart, while I am only 45. And this woman told me that I have a curse on me, and that she can’t help me herself, since she is not a witch. That only a witch could send the curse back to the one who paid for it to be done on me. And I tried finding a witch where I live, but there are non to be found. The next best thing was to do a search online, and so I came to your website. Please, could you advice me as to how am i to find a witch here, and can it be done by contacting one online? How to find out if she is a real witch, and not someone doing like she is one, while cheating people?

  13. Maria says:

    Dear Adriene, I have been on your list for a while now. I never knew how to tell you that I have a severe curse that I have not been able to get rid of, no matter what. I am soooooo ready for your remedy. I need help! for the past 15 years, every since I let go of that DEVIL worshoper for that time, I have suffered incalculable and inmerasuable pain. And I am so EVER ready to get rid of it. HELP!

  14. debra says:

    I was told my great grandmother Emily Katherine Nelson on her death bed, said these words to my mom now 81 and my aunt peggy now 86 “I hope you never have a happy day in your life” well this has come to pass!! My mom nor my aunt really had a good life. and it has paasted down to my mom 3 children (myself) and my aunts 2 sons and now the grandchildren. I have one child 27 and my cousin Darron has 3. What can I do to get rid of this curse?? Debra

  15. daniel says:

    Please can you help me i have had a curse placed on me by someone and my life has being getting worse ever since, its been about 3 years now, down to the point of nearly losing my son at birth. Can you please help me get rid of this curse, its affecting my whole family and everything we do.

  16. Ana says:

    my name is Ana and I believe someone has cursed me and my family, I’m only 16 but I need help. Can you please email me at “[email protected]” please, I don’t know what to do.

  17. jovanna says:

    i have initially heard of curses at church and any talked about generational curses. but i also remembered that well dressed young priest who was giftd with intuition to ask for alot of money during mass. as if god will be bribed…now having passed that i still feel that i have whether a curse on me or a family curse that has caused sooooo much hardship disabling me from any real love, children ever really making it even i though i have what it takes to be much of things just do not work…and it goes through phases sometime it looks like it is lifted…now i wonder if the gypsies i have seen are digging me in the hole more???

    i need something that works and do not want more bad i want god to take care of revenge not me. anyways please i am willing to listen..please help me ..i suffered so much that i am afraid to die witout any peace.

  18. RC says:


  19. anna says:

    Hi ROSE my name is anna a nd there is nothing wrong with me but my mother has been not well and for some reason she always goes outside and takes deep breaths she thinks someone put a curse on her how do i get rid of it answer back as soon as you can thankyou

  20. Is there a curse called usa la casa

  21. Hi my name is anthony david garcia and i just wanted to know what usa la casa means i heard different meanings to what it means i just wanted to ask you

  22. kristen says:

    hi i need help i fell i am cursed i have had the worse luck and the worst life .i cant even light a match or things i lost cusdy of my kids and there is just alot more i can go on and on can you help ? if so please let me know thanks kristen

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  26. aaryn says:

    plz tell me your phone number im only nine i would never be able to do that i need another way

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