How to get rid of the Evil eye

Rose, Thanks for everything, and I have a most haunting wuestion and it is very important to knowthat inspite of doing so many pujas at home etc, we both myself an dmy husband are earning and we are unable to make the ends meet. My mother say it is because of evil eye becuse till 2003 we were very well off and now things i feel are a little stagnant Can you helpme in this please Regards, S.Sudha

Merry Meet Sudha,
It is indeed possible that people envied you when life was a dream for you. However, life also brings us many challeges so that we will grow and not stay stagnant as humans. We have some here on Earth to experience a large variety of experiences which brings forth a plethora of emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, jealousy, wrath, sorrow and unbounded joy.
As human beings we have to know that like an ant, we need to store up our physical and spiritual reserves for the times when things are tough and joy of life is uncertain.
Here is a spell that will get rid of the Evil eye if that is causing you sadness:
Evil Eye Removal Spell
This is an old gypsy remedy that has been used in many countries to this day. For this spell, you will need the following items:
1 brown paper bag
handful of mustard seeds
handful of cumin seeds
1 dry red pepper (chilly)
Step 1: Place all of the above items in the brown paper bag.
Step 2: Go around to each room of your home and do this to each of the members you see:
Hold the brown paper bag tightly and asking the person to stand up, pass the bag around their head three times clockwise. While doing so, visualize all or any evil that is controlling them going away.
Step 3: When all the people in your home have been visualized and all negative energies have been absorbed by the potent evil eye removal package, Go outside and burn the package.
Step 4: As the package burns, you will hear pops and fizzes as the Evil Eye cracks and finally leaves your home.
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Monica says:

    Dear Rose
    I have been following you for almost eight months now. I started with your 7 day Magic Course & still receive your mails. they are very easy & the items needed are easily available. At the moment I am going through a problem. My husband is an alcoholic & a smoker.I am against both & since marriage we have had constant quarrels becoz of it. Now it has started affecting his health. The doctor has asked him to stop both things immediately but he has reduced but not stopped.We are drifting apart as I am not ready to accept it.Love is lost, we dont even talk to each other. I love him & want to help him. Is there any spell that can end his bad habits & bring love & happiness in our live. Please do help

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