How To Get Your Ex-Wife to Leave Your House

“i have a problem my ex wife refuses to leave our house i am the main person on the lease and there are kids involved i need help on how to do a proper spell that will not result in negativity but will help her leave my home with out involving the law can you please help me help her leave!”

It doesn’t matter if she won’t leave because she is scared or because she wants a free ride. The easiest way to get her to leave is to go through the legal procedings since the lease is in your name. But as you said, there are children involved and that might affect them adversely. Also, you asked for a spell. Therefore, try the following procedure. I have seen it work many times for various situations.

You will not be able to force her out; she will just come back again and again like a stray cat. Instead you will have to find a way for her to want to leave. This will not be hard but it will take some time. You must have patience.

First, you must contact her on a subliminal level and slowly but surely put the desire to leave the house in a happy way and of her own accord. Continue to be polite to her and do not argue. Your attitude must be confident, strong, and dominating without being overbearing.

Whenever you engage in conversation with her or when you are looking at her you must be sending her messages. Not verbally but mentally. The messages should be similar to these: “You want to leave this house peacefully”, or “You are no longer happy staying in this house”, or “You are anxious to move along and do something with your life”. Be sure to use the same wording every time to make the suggestions powerful and just use a few. Keep these mental suggestions short and to the point.

Do this consistently and willfully and in time she will undergo a mental change and she will want to cheerfully leave and get her life in order.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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