How to Levitate

Can I learn to levitate? How to learn it(if I can)?

Greetings! Levitation is acheived by human beings who have perfected their mental and spiritual abilities to achieve psychokinesis, the ability to lift up things, animals or people (themselves included) without any physical supports. Many Yogis of India have demontrated this technique in front of many witnesses who were never able to prove that they were hoaxes and yet, didn’t have the guts to admit that how this could happen was beyond their comprehension. The yogis ( although many people in the US who learn a step or two of yoga call themselve yogis :)) are people who meditate deeply for many years and are able to control their minds and bodies to an extreme level. First of all, you have to really believe that this can be done. Then, you can learn to bend objects such as spoons and forks. The next step would be to levitate larger objects and then yourself. Scientists are slowly catching up to these phenomenal magickal yogis on the subject of levitation. In August of 2007, scientists in the University of St Andrews in Scotland have found that by manipulating the “Casimir force”, it is possible to levitate objects. Magickal beings have always known that we are part of natural world which consists of nothing but pure energy that can be manifested by our creative thoughts. The first thing you will need to do is to learn the art of meditation where you bring your mind to sharp focus to the point of forgetting your physical existence. Then you will be able to (step by step) control the world around you without any physical encumbrances. Blessed Be!

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