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hi i’m prantik my family is quiet apprehensive about me doing white magic but i want to do it for the better good. i’m a begginer & want to make a wand . is it necessary to use a stone at the focal point if yes which are prefferable. i hope it is not expensive as i don’t have any money to buy stones . please help me out i’m really earnest on this matter .

Merry Meet Prantik,

You can certainly reassure your family that white magick is just prayer with visualization. It also uses candles, lamps,incense etc just as many other religions do. One of the advantages of white magic is that it is worked only for the goodness of all involved. Do not worry about stones or other decorations. It is your spiritual power and your intentions that will enable you to suceed in magick. So use your powers of imagination and persuasion to get the work done even if you have only a piece of wood from an unknown species of tree and no decorations.

Wands are used for directing or “channeling” energy from the person holding the wand. Depending on the material used to create the wand, it may have additional power which is imparted from the material itself. Wood spirits are known to help increase the power of the human hand and impart a boost to the magickal happenings.

The location, the tree, the energy of the limb, the person finding the limb and the person creating the wand all have a part in the creation of ceremonial wands. Some people believe that it is not the seeker that chooses the wand, it is the wand that chooses the Seeker. When the Witch and the wand come together on this Earthly plane, their energies merge to form a new and more powerful energy that combines the enormous powers of Humans as well as Nature.

The wand is typically six inches to two feet in length and a quarter inch to two inches in diameter. Ceremonial wands are made from many types of wood such as:

1. Maple
2. Cedar
3. Alder
4. Ash
5. Birch
6. Apple
7. Irish or Scotch Broom
8. Blackthorn
9. Elder
11. Furze
20. Yew

Depending on the wood used, the wand had different abilities such as protection, strength, success, stability, inspiration and other skills.

The wand is usually about six inches to two feet in length and a quarter inch to two inches in diameter. They may be made of uniformly thick wood or twisted and gnarled wood that may have fallen off the tree. If the wood is cut from any tree, permission is asked and a libation offered to the tree for its generosity.

Wands are usually decorated with various objects and ornaments such as:
1. Quartz crystals
2. Ribbons
3. Sequins
4. Pebbles
5. Leather
6. Feathers
7. Runes
8. Stones
9. Cords
10.Metal wire
11. Symbols
12.Any other meaningful items which inspire us.

While consecrating, say “An it harm none, may this Wand well work my Will. So mote it be.” Ceremonial wands become even more powerful with regular use. Wands may be cleansed with herbs and consecrated using Earth or Water elements.

If you buy a used wand, remember to cleanse it before using it for the first time.

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