How to make an Athame

Hello, Mrs. Rose I’m Rosvita and I’m polish, but i can english :) I have a big problem: How to make an athame?? I can’t found an athame in shops…

Merry Meet Rosvita,
Its wonderful to hear from someone whose name is so similar to mine. I am happy to note that you are interested in Witchcraft and would like to make an Athame. Some witches believe that you should never use an Athame that has been used. If you do get an Athame from a store, it is a good idea to clean it and cleanse it very thoroughly before using it.
An Athame is a ritual dagger that is used as an extention of your body when working spells and doing rituals. The blades are usually made of steel and the handle is usually painted black. An Athame is usually believed to “find” its owner than vice versa. Unless you are in a hurry to use it, just keep an eye out for one and it will show up beside you. Never use an Athame as a weapon.
Your idea of making an Athame for yourself makes wonderful sense. You can make Athames from many objects such as small swords, dull knives or even letter openers. First you have to wash the item and then use a metal primer so that it can be painted. Then you paint the handle in black or any other color you prefer. When the paint dries, you may create other designs on the handles or the blade and carve runes or other sacred symbols on it as you wish.
Cleanse the Athame using sage incense. Now it is ready for use.
Check out this youTube video for step-by-step instructions on making an Athame from a letter opener.
Brightest Blessings.

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