How to make Witchcraft REAL

what does it take to make witchcraft real? i need thanks

Greetings! Here are some things you can do to learn about Witchcraft: 1. Get the books Visit a metaphysical book store or any old used book store and get copies of books from the various magickal traditions out there such as Voodoo, Native American Magick, Celtic Magick, etc., in addition to Wicca magick. One book I recommend is the following book: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Paperback) by Scott Cunningham (Author) This book outlines the things you need to do to start practicing Witchcraft on your own. It teaches you about altars, sacred space, sacred objects, ceremonies, sabbats, etc. It will teach you how to live the Wicca way aligned with nature and the rest of the Universe in a peaceful way. 2. Prepare the altar in your house. But whatever Wiccan supplies that you need on a regular basis. You can substitute regular items in the home so long as you can set them aside for ceremonies. Use object made of wood or stone (earth based) and clean them and cleanse them well according to directions. 3. Get some incense sticks or cones and an incense holder. Incense has the ability to get into nooks and crevices in our home and cleanse the air through out your house. This will remove all the negativity from the surrounding areas. 4. Get candles and other objects you wish to use in your spells. 5. Get a Notebook and pen for your Book of Shadows and start writing all about your experiences in learning Witchcraft. This may help you later when you are an experienced witch to understand your journey as well as share it with someone you wish to teach the Craft to. Enjoy your spell casting and let Joy overflow in your life! Blessed Be!

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4 Responses to “How to make Witchcraft REAL”

  1. Pauline says:

    Hi, i’m just wondering how i can learn black magic?

  2. courtnie says:

    Hi,my name is courtie.I recently got into a aurgument with my ex friend.He called me ugly and im very self conscience and ever since then ive lost alot of me.Ive tried every spell to see my beauty again but i dont feel they work.Do you have any suggestions that could free me.

  3. courtnie says:

    And also is there any spells that will really work so i could move things or anything like that or is it fake?

  4. Garry Cunanan says:

    It seems that you’ve put on a superb amount of effort and hard work into your current content plus I demand an important lot more of these over the Net lately. I actually got a boot out of your post. I don’t have a lot to convey in reply, I only planned to register to state superb labor.

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