How to practice Wicca without alerting the neighbors

My mum doesn’t want me to let others know that I am thinking about practising Wicca which I find really hard to do as I am learning so much and have a load of knowledge that I want to share. My mum says that if I let on that I am interested in Wicca that I would be bullied but I don’t think thats true as the people who know will gain knowledge about Wicca from me and would realise the stereotypes are wrong. My mum also won’t allow me to practise Wicca in private and celebrate religious festivals such as Samhain as a family, my mum and dad used to practise Wicca and my sister is also thinking about it, so I have trouble getting the things I need. I really need some advice on how to go about practising Wicca without going behind my mum’s back but continuing to learn. Thanks Meg

Merry Meet Meg, It is indeed very inspiring to meet a dedicated Wiccan like you. Of course, if your parents are against you letting the neighbors and friends know about your interests, it is ok. As long as you live with your parents, you have to allow them to make the rules while you obey them. When you have become independent and have moved away from home, you can do as you wish. We don’t have to wear our heart on our sleeve. Just think of how you got interested in Wicca. Similarly there are many ways in which people are getting attracted to this way of life and loving it. Wicca does not need advertising or commercials to get the word through. We don’t need humongous buildiings reaching up to the sky, sermons dividing people into categories (this one goes to hell, this one won’t :) or million dollar budgets to get the Wiccan word across. It is by our humbleness, our non-judgemental love and our immense positive energy that we get the fact across. You can live the life of a Wiccan without every buying any items or using candles, etc. The best part of Wicca is within us – in our mind, in our emotions – in our spirit. So wherever you are, when you get a few moments to yourself, you can read about Wicca or work spells, celebrate the seasons in your own ways, etc. To be Wiccan is not a physical phenomena, it is a spiritual state of being. Hope this answer helps you understand the importance of allowing peace to return to the home so that you can take your time and learn more about Wicca so that when you are independent, you can try to teach others about it. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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