How to protect myself from psychic attack?

how to protect myself from psychic attack thru candle magic or any other means.

Greetings! Here is a spell that will keep you protected from psychic emotional abuse. Red is the color of blood, life, protection and defiance of danger or threats. Let us make a red power bag. Gather the following: 1 Tablepsoon dried crushed red carnation petals 1 Tablespoon dried crushed rose petals A garnet, ruby or carnelian stone (substitute with any red crystal you can find) 1 red candle Dragon’s blood powder A large bowl A red pouch to hold the items Take a long bath and allow the wonderful aroma remove all the negative energies in you and around you. Light the candle and sit for some time in deep meditation, feeling the power within you. Remember, no one can hurt you without your consent. Always know that you were born with limitless powers. If you are aware of them and can learn to invoke them when you need them, you have nothing to fear. Place the bowl in front of you. Pick up the carnation petals and put them in the bowl. While stirring the petals with your finger, Chant: Carnation that protects, protect me forever! Now pick up the rose petals and transfer it into the bowl. Stir the petals with your hand and transfer your powerful energy into the petals while chanting: Rose that protects, protect me forever! Hold the red stone in your hand and transfer it into the bowl chanting: Red stone that protects, protect me forever! Sprinkle dragon’s blood powder over the mixture. Now transfer all the contents from the bowl to the pouch. Hold the pouch and visualize you with a protective shield around you through which no psychic energy can penetrate to harm you. Carry that pouch with you at all times. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Mary Galindo says:

    Can you give me a peace ritual?

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