How to remove a hex

hi rose, i’m having so so much bad luck. have i been previusly jixed or hexed by a jealous Ex best mate.

Merry Meet. It can be very frustrating to have a lot of bad luck regardless of what we are trying to achieve. Some of our best friends may turn out to be losers who will jinx our life or stand in our way. However, we need to always think positively and let our energy fields stay positive day and night. So we should not waste time wondering who would have jinxed or hexed us. We can however, work a spell to break up the hex if indeed there is one. Not only that, we can also have the hex send back with a note “Return to Sender”. And you don’t even need to know who or what stands in your way! STEP 1. Get two pieces of red flannel, stinging nettles for stuffing, a piece of white paper, gloves, pen, needle and thread, pins and a pair of scissors. STEP 2. Pin one piece of red flannel on top of another. Draw the outline of a human body on the piece on top. Cut out the human shapes and sew teh two pieces of the flannel together, remembering to leave a small opening at the top of the head. STEP 3. Wear strong gloves and stuff the doll with the stinging nettles . STEP 4. Sew up the hole in the top part of the head. STEP 5. Write “RETURN TO SENDER” on the piece of white paper and pin or sew it to the poppet. STEP 6. Murmur your fears to the doll and charge it with its mission. Do not use names, just ask it to return to the sender of the hex. STEP 7. Take the doll far away from your house, using short cuts and circuitous route, throw it into a trashcan or drop it off at crossroads. Return to your home via a circuitous route too. let your life be free of trouble. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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