How to tap into your magickal energies

Dear rose my name is Ahmed Amar and I come from an arabic country its called kuwait I have been intreged by magic and witchcraft since I was young I studied witchcraft since I was 12 and for 4 years I tried casting spells, doing magick, summunning energies and taping into magick but I never succeded it drives me crazy on how much I try and allways fail then I found your site that told me magick could work but the only problem is I dont have enough mony to order your product and I am not asking you to give me your product for free all I am asking you is to show me how to tap into magickal energies to help me get the life I want pleeeeaaaassss help me I am beging you pleas show me how to use magick energy thats all I am asking you I am not asking you to show me evry thing you know because I know there is alot to know about magick all I want is to know how tap into magickal energies thats all and nothing else and again pleeeeaaaassss help me I am desprate for this knowldge. blessed be. your brother Ahmed.

Merry Meet Ahmed. It is very good to meet you. Yes, I have heard about your country and am happy to see that you are very interested in learning how to tap into your magickal energies. The lessons usually give you step by step instructions to easily find ways to reach that saced inner space from which you can easily harness your energies to realize your dreams. What you need to do is to find a calm, relaxing place indoors or ourdoors where you are not disturbed. Outdoors, near a beach (and you have a lot of sandy beaches in your country :) ) is one of the best places to get rid of the negativity in your mind (if any) and sit down to commune with nature. Natural energy is all around you, but some of the negativity from others and artificial items in and around buildings, etc. can affect your concentration. You are born with these magickal energies within you. They are always with you. Nobody can take them away from you. However, like an old, forgotten item in a cupboard, it can be covered in layers of dust and dirt that you may not even recognize it. Remember the excitement and “electric” thrill of falling in love? Well, this inborn spiritual energy is a thousand times more inspiring and powerful than that. Falling in love is one of the most magickal moments in life. To tap into your inner energies, find a sacred place, sit down and close your eyes. Lift your chin up slightly as though you are looking up at the sky. Think of the magickal moments in your life when you felt the happiest. Think of how the Earth would be if all people believed in themselves and wanted the best for each other. Read a spiritual book that brings people together and do not mention divisive, negative or hateful things. As you sit in the state, you will find your sacred space which is the springboard from which you can create magick. See you life blossoming in the way you want it to go. Believe in yourself and the world around you. That is a magickal moment. Try to keep this moment with you throughout the day. Hope this answers your question. Blessed Be.

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  1. cynthia says:

    dear rose,

    im sorry to be bothering you but i am a 14 year old girl who wants to learn about aruas and spells and the spiritual world but dont know how for aruas i try so hard to see colors but all i see is like white around me like smoke coming off my hands and its kinda creepy but i live with it and sometimes i have dreams that i will meet someone but cant see the face and i have adventure…i want to learn more about these things so can you please help me do aruas go into the spiritual worls and heal peoples and do telekanices please im begging i want to learn help me….

    from cynthia…♥

  2. amanda says:

    hello my name is amanda,Im new to all this magic stuff but it has always been intresting to me,i use to be afraid to do it becouse people would make me scared of it but i feel like its somthing i need to do and i attend on taking this seriouse as in somthing i really want to do as a carrer.Im very sorry to bother you but i am curiouse to no how do i cleanse my body from negativity and start taking small steps towards big magic,i no i would love to no how to do a money spell so i can afford supplies that i need for this and so i can take classes wich hopefully will be your classes.Are we suppose to resive symbols like rakki people do?Please help me.thanx.

  3. Megan says:

    Hi my name is Megan from New York I am new to your site so far im loving it so far :) Now i have a promblem that im stuck in & im hoping u can help i have my Best friend like sis named Hana & her Fince named sean & me. Well we are all stuck in a place that we dont know what to do:( OK so i just met her fince sean like i think 3 weeks ago & hes that he can control my mind & now i just talked to him & i found out that Him & hana are Vampires/Wolf/witch.Now i think what your thinking its sounds like not real rite? well trust me it is.& so what happened is that Sean told me last nite that he can control my mind to be with him & Hana not to find out about it. & she is like my sis so i told her. Now this is the part that im scared @. OK so theres this other guy sean & hana & me Call him the LOD! & he has the power to kill all of us! & im new @ this & i dont know what to do. I was hoping u could have a spell to help us plsssssss Im begging u I need your help Thanks for your time to read this.:)
    Megan Santosus
    New York

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