How to uncross a spell?

Question… My father in law has been to the hospital because of his leg being huge. Doctor can not find a cure for it.. Doctors even try cutting piece of skin from another part of the body and replacing it the leg and nothing… The right leg is huge compare to his left one. My father-in-law think that there is a spell on him… And now he does not want to visit the doctors.. thanks …

Hope that your father-in-law is feeling better now. It is always best to go to the doctors, take their advice and at the same time, try to break any spell that others may have put on him. So please talk to him that it is important to work things out physically and spiritually at the same time for maximum benefit. He is very fortunate to have such a caring person looking after him. Here is a powerful hex-breaking bath spell: If your father-in-law has a bathtub, use it for this spell. If he doesn’t, mix all the ingredients in a large bucket of water and slowly pour it over his head while visualizing the negativity flowing permanently away from him. Cleanse and fumigate the bathroom. Draw a bath of warm water. Get a separate glass bowl and add seven cloves of unpeeled garlic in it. Pour boiling over it. Add a bunch of basil, one bunch of parsley and one bunch of sage. Allow the herbs to infuse the water. Add a few ounces of geranium hydrosol if available. Stir in one teaspoon of saltpeter. Mix everything into the water and soak in it or request that he ladle it slowly over his head and to make sure that it runs over his entire body, especially his legs. Repeat until all the water has gone down the drain. Dry off and allow the water to drain completely. Let the basil leaves, garlic, etc lie in the bathroom floor or bathtub for at least an hour. He may even wait until the next day to clean the bathroom. Let him rub his body with Bay Rum if possible. Or just towel off and relax. The hex has been removed. Ask him to meditate and enjoy the freedom. Encourage him to visualize the complete return of his health. Hope this helps with your dilemma. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Lorraine Cox says:

    my client thinks she has been hexed one of her legs is bigger than the other and she’s always in pain she’s paid thousands of dollars to different people to help her but all end in failure can u plase tell me what i can do to help her she’s always crying and i want so badly to help her she’s 90 yrs old!!!

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