How to use a pentagram

Do you know how to use the pentagram if you do how does it work and do you know about satanism.

Merry Meet, young friend, An excellent question indeed! There are many ways to use a pentagram. A pentagram or a pentacle is one of the most sacred symbols of Wicca as well as most of the other religions at one time or another. The earliest use includes the Mesopotamian culture as early as 3000 BC. Christians used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus. Also, it was associated with the term Lucifer which was actually Venus, the morning star. I guess your question on Satanism probably came as a result of the confusion about pentagram and worship of Satan, an imaginary entity created by certain religions to keep people scared and under control. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol, which like the Swastika, could have been used for negative reasons. Of course, a symbol is always a symbol. It is up to each of us to decide how we consider a particular symbol. The pentagram is used by many religions and practices currently. Wiccan practitioners use it as jewelry in the form of pendants or ear-rings. They may also have it painted on buildings, clothes, vehicles, etc. Most of the altars in Wiccan homes have the pentagram as a pentacle or in the form of an etching on wood or other natural items. It may adorn some of the tools that Wiccans use. The pentagram may be drawn using an Athame or the finger to contain the good energy and to keep away the negative energies. Sometimes the pentagram is used as a symbol of peace and prosperity in Wiccan homes. Some people assume that the five points of the pentagram represent the planets Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus. Yet others look upon the pentagram points as the tips of the two hands, two feet and the head of a human being. As you can see, the pentagram is an amazing, sacred ancient symbol that represents many ideals for many cultures and eras. It is up to us to see the good in all these symbols which enabled human beings to survive and live together harmoniously. Hope this answers your questions. Brightest Blessings.

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