How to win a courtcase

My son is having a problem with a court case that if he looses he could go to jail for 7 days and this problem was caused by someone else. I was told that Sachet is good to winning in court, I ordered the sachet already could you please send me a spell to use with that sachet for him to win and not go to jail for someone elses mistake. Thank You

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can understand how difficult it is when a loved one is involved in a court case. Hopefully this experience will enable him to stay away from the Law in the future.
Here is a spell that will help you claim victory in the court case. For this spell, you will need a small box, bay leaves, calendula blossoms and one High John the Conqueror root. It is best if the High John the Conqueror root is small and can be easily hidden in a pocket or wallet.
Step 1: Line the box with bay leaves to create a bed for the magickal calendula blossoms.
Step 2: Now stuff the calendula leaves over the bay leave to create a cusion where the High John the Conqueror root will reside when it is not in use.
Step 4: Place the High John the Conqueror root on it and allow it to absorb the powerful energy from the Calendula blossoms.
Step 5: On the days of the court case, remove the High John the Conqueror root and carry it with you to court so that its magickal powers can enable you to succeed in the court proceedings.
Step 6: When the High John the Conqueror root is not in use, place it in its calendua bed so that it can absorb the calendula’s powers for legal victory.
Brightest Blessings

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