How will I know when I’ll be with someone else again?

Been single now alittle over 12-years now. How will I know when I’ll be with someone else again?

Merry Meet Seeker,
It can be very daunting to find a partner after being single for over 12 years. However, remember that are many people who are in the same boat. To get something you desire, you have to plan it and work on it. Think of how you found a job in your life. You had to think about what kind of job you would enjoy and where you would like to work.
Similarly, you have to visualize all the aspects of your future partner. It would be good for you to sit down and plan your future. It is our thoughts that eventually maketh our future. Never get disillusioned about love because there are so many people out there who are looking eagerly for someone like you. Your main goal is to first imagine the person you wish to marry. Visualize this person from head to toe including the tiniest details about them.
As the vision of your future partner grows in your mind, you will see many people who fit the description that you have made. What began in your mind and spirit has not trasformed into a request to the Unverse. The Universe in turn is eager to help you find this person you have in your mind and will try every which way to connect the two of you together. This is not just wishful thinking; it is what happens when you trust your spirit.
Also try to go to places where people who fit the description of your mate gather. For example, if you want a person who is very health-oriented, you can find them by joining an exercise gym. If you like athletic types, join a team. If you wish to enjoy traveling with your partner, take a cruise that is meant to bring singles together.
Open your heart and set out to find the perfect partner for you. And you will wonder why you took so long to make the first step!
Brightest Blessings

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