I am 13 and want to be a nice witch

I am 13 and want to be a witch a nice witch

Merry Meet Seeker,
Yes, 13 is a good time to know more about the world around us. Although most of us have learned about spirituality or religion from our parents who were quite biasedand didn’t really have any choices, our generation has the option of choosing our religion without much fuss from the government or family.
What you need to do is to read a lot of books about Wicca. As you read more about the Universe and how it works, you will realize that the best way to become a witch is to understand how the Universe works. Some of the children in your school may think that life is good when we have fancy clothes or gadgets. However, these joys are short lived. Only a strong mind from which one can genuinely love everyone regardless of color, race or whatever will enjoy the joys of this world.
Immature ideas and goals do not have any place in the Universe. Those who appreciate everything, good or bad, that comes into their lives can easily understand and work with the Universe. Those who continuously criticize others, those who do not help those who are helpless or sick and those who put down the lives of others because of unnecessary or baseless criteria will not understand the workings of the Universe.
So read all you can about Wicca, the larger world of Witchcraft, the various methods in various countries that were the pioneers of this amazing Craft, and so on so that you understand what Witchcraft is all about. Appreciate the strides made by all the humans and animals over the millenniums and learn to walk in their path.
Brightest Blessings

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