I am being hurt by my boss, can Magick help my situation?

He is generally a nice person, but the same old story. Delays to pay our salaries and most of the time involved with other nefarious activities. What is the best remedy for people of this nature? Can you please suggest something so powerful that I can keep him under my control, although this is again my wishes! I am doing all I can do discipline him and to be a proper person in life, but doesn’t seem to take the kind of advice I give him. I am much older than him and virtually treat him like a brother more than a boss, but to no avail. Due to the delays in paying our salaries, we are all suffering by the months having to borrow from other for the sake of existence. He only thinks of himself and not even his own kith and kin.

If things are as dire in each of the areas as you feel they are, you need to do two things, look at and accept your part in it, and then remove it from your life. You need to make a decision about how important the money is to you, and maybe change jobs. If you’re not getting paid, no loss. Spells to keep people under your control rarely work, and usually backfire. Treating people like family rather than like an employer can cause real problems. You are not what you do for a living. Reach out and maybe look into a career that you can be relaxed and proud of, or at least have no one to blame but yourself?maybe starting your own business?

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