I am cursed and I can do nothing about it

as I said in the comments, I am cursed and there is nothing I know to do about it. I am the worlds wodt pessimist. Every thing I do always backfires. I have 2 houses and I have spent inGodly amount of time and money fixing and cleaning them if I fix one thing 3 things break igf ZI fix 3 things, 9 things breakI wish both would burn to the ground I would not shed a tear as long as no one wss hurt. you are dam right I believe in black magig and spells I know with out a shadow of a doubt that there is some kinfd of spell or curse on me. If I cloud find out who or what I would kill them and never bat an eye, it is that bad. I hope yu are real I need help I cnannot keep goin g like this I may just turn both the houses in and forget them, even simple things to fix either cannot be fixed or wil not stay fixed. I am going to do something I will not keep living like this. I would have to upgrade to have a life ZI only exist

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can see how disappointed you are with life. Disappointments can easily make our life miserable. In addition, we also begin to have a negative outlook in life. This turn of events will actually change our life completely.
Yes, you have been having a hard time with the two houses, but you need to think of the whole picture of life. Human beings can have many challenges including serious diseases, severe accidents, debilitating conditions, foreclosure, imprisonment, loss of job and at times even death of loved ones. Life goes through cycles. For a few years, people may be at the height of success and for the next six or seven years, they may have terrible experiences.
Just as the cycle of life: baby, childhood, youth, adult, middle age, old age and death again, we humans have come to the earth to experience many things. Before we come to Earth, we have choices on what we wish to achieve in this lifetime. Most people may be tempted to say,”I would love to have an easy life with people serving me day and night and have no worries at all”. However, that kind of life is not exciting. When we are free souls deciding on the future, we have lots of choices. It may amaze you to know that all of these above challenges such as disease, accidents, health conditions, improsonment, etc seem to be extremely beneficial to an evolving soul. So most of us, knowing that we will not be hurt in any way, will choose these “experiences” to go through.
Only wimps select easy life challenges. The strong ones like you and I will decide to get more adventurous knowing that our life is only one part in a drama and soon we will change clothes and star in another drama (next life). Again we have hundreds of choices and soul guides to help us plan our next life on Earth or any other place.
As a strong individual, you will soon find out that all of your challenges are easily overcome. You can make your life easier by removing “hatred” “kill” etc from your vocabulary if you realize that all of us are just “acting” in this drama or that all of us are just working on our challenges in life. A good, benevolent heart and happy thoughts will benefit you and will enable you to be happy in this life itself.
Brightest Blessings

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