I am new to Wicca. How can I find my path?

Hello Rose- I am feeling lost. I am interested in learning about the Wiccan way, but not sure which path to follow. I know there is several types of wicca. How do I learn more and which path is for me. Thankyou ~Blessed be~ Jenn

Merry Meet, Jenn!

Ah … the path question is always complicated to answer, simply because it is so personal … but I will do my utmost to help you along your way.

I always advise Seekers to follow the ‘golden mid way’ until they are comfortable with the basic principles, gained the basic knowledge and mastered the basic skills of the Craft. This is the first part of my advice to you.

The second part is Trust the Universe. This lesson is two-fold. Firstly, like attracts like. This means that you will feel ‘drawn’ to certain practices of the Craft more than to others. This will be your first clue. Secondly, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This means that when you are ready, some one or something will cross your path to help you move in the direction most appropriate for you. This could be anything – from a person, to a book, to an internet site. Teachers take many different forms.

The final part is: Investigate. Read up on the Celtic Path, the Faerie Path, Native American Shamanism, and the Dianic path to start off with. Add to the list, by all means. The paths are many! Make notes of the aspects that resonate well with you and the aspects that don’t work for you per path. This will provide you with a further clue.

Now, let me tip the apple cart. Not everybody follows a specific path. Many Wiccans are eclectic. This means that they take only the things that resonate well with them from the different paths, and incorporate these into the ‘golden mid way’ Wiccan path, forming their own set of practices, rituals and rules in the process.

I hope that you will find clarity soon, dear Jen. Remember to be patient. Everything in life, has a ‘right’ time!

Blessed Be

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