I had a bad dream, what does it mean?

The other day i heard a new baby crying late at night and I called my family and they said that my cousin had a baby girl 3 hours ago and i had bad dream about a giant black 3rd eye it was scary why was it an omen or warning or what pls help .thx

I think that all of us have those moments. Like the phone will ring and I will hear the person s voice before I answer the call.

Or, I hear a knock and then see someone walking toward the front door. Or, will think of a song and then it comes on the radio. It s a strange sensation every time it happens.

It seems that it was only a bad dream, but dream interpretation can be complicated. Of course I remember my grandmother always telling me that eating the wrong thing before bed causes bad dreams. There are many things that seem to trigger the content of our dreams. Many years of unusual and strange dream content, and I ve personally never found any sinister correlation.

There might have been times when I dreamed something bad happened to someone else and you secretly wish something would happen, but it never has. Actually, it would seem that is good news. The fact that you heard a baby cry could also be an indication that there will be a special bond between you and your cousin s child (second cousin, right?) I always mess up any relatives past cousins, aunts and uncles

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  1. Jen says:

    So I had this dream where me & a couple friends that I went to high school with were @ my old house…so we get in my friend Tiffs car & for some reason I get in the backseat with my other friend when I always get in front…then I have to pee really bad so were going down the road & I tell her to pull over then all of a sudden road construction is up ahead so I tell to just go to a store & I will pee there…well were driving down the road & all of a sudden we cant stop the car so were hitting construction cones & we ran over this one worker & were yelling @ the constructions workers “WE CANT STOP WE CANT STOP” & they cant understand us so I was thinking to myself oh my god im going to die…then I woke up & I didnt finish the dream…so what does this dream mean???

  2. Un Shown says:

    I had a terrible dream that someone hurt my daughter. Why did i dream this? I don’t want to go back to sleep. Help me!

  3. jessi says:

    i had a dream that i died and my cousin and my friend also gad a dream that i died ..what does that mean?

  4. Alaura Danin says:

    how do i levitate?

  5. carlos sibonga says:

    i dreamed my sister’s death 1 year before it actually happened…..what can you say about this? and before my uncle’s death..i had nightmares for 3 consecutive nights..the last night was his being dead…

  6. marimar says:

    I had a lots of dreams that i have a baby what does it mean?

  7. cassie says:

    i dreamed once of a kid that had a piece of cake in his hand and then threw it in my face.3 years later i suggested throwing a cake in our face for a class tradition at my school.then after another year my dream came true,but it was another person in my class that had the cake in their face,so i was seeing through her eyes in my dream.this happened to me on more than one occasion,same with my dad and his grandma.my dads grandma always knew when a family member had died because of her dreams.

  8. Kaite says:

    I once had a bad dream that I was watching tv and all of a sudden I heard screams in my head so I woke up my dad{sleepin on the couch} my mom,nd two brothers tony&joey{sleeping in the room with them also} and then we all ran outside then we saw a fish tank in the drive way, we saw what looked like a little man in a scubah diver suit on the I was talking, my brother joey told me to hush but I didnt listen so then the “man” in the fish tank open his eyes very wide and threatened us somehow then we ran away down the streewt then saw people everywhere dead on the ground, my mom nd dad disappeared somehow and it was only me and my two older brothers,then we heard voices, something huge came at us and ripped my brother tony in half as I supposedly heard his “soul” scream, I looked at my brother joey then he looked back, we held hands and that was it I woke up… what does that mean??

  9. Ahnnie says:

    Hi, I really don’t know where to start but I’m just trying to find a way to understand this. It would be very nice if you can help me.
    I am currently 22 turning 23 in a few months. I never had nightmares, but just one in particular. There is this one nightmare that has finally found me again since childhood. I don’t know what it is. I had it when I was very young…about 5 or 6 years old. I remember this dark very dark place… I felt something in there(my dreams) was coming for me. Or it was seeking something. The most scary part of it, is that I see myself. There was two of me. One that felt inferior, powerless, defenseless, and scared. While the other is scary and very very frightening…Its size was like a thousand times my size. I felt hover by it. Although in the dark I can’t make it out clearly, but it felt like it was after me and chasing me, but not literally chasing because I was facing it the entire time.
    The weirdest thing is that ever since elementary I stopped seeing it. But just a week ago I meditate, something I haven’t done in many years. Suddenly it re-appeared. I don’t know how or why. I only know that I recently starting looking into Psi-energy and all that. On that day I wanted to meditate and then try making a visible psi-ball. But I didn’t becasue I was too freaked-out of what happened. I saw it as vivid as if I was dreaming. Rose I am very scared… I don’t know what to do. Please Help me!
    When I was 11, my family had a guest, he came to our house with good intention. You can say he was gifted. He sat in the living room and looked at me and said I was a witch. Then he said one of my past lives I was a witch, then he refused to say anything more. Everyone was very uncomfortable that night.
    Does this vision of his has anything to do with my childhood nightmares and the same one while I meditated?
    Please help me Rose. Please…


  10. trish says:

    i had a nightmare that my mother hang
    herself as i came in the dream next morning
    i was crying so crazy? omg im shocked

  11. trish says:

    i had a nightmare that my mother hung
    herself right when i saw it in my dream i
    woke up crying

  12. ruth shaw says:

    hi please can you help me get over my dream. Last night i dreamt that my 2 year old and i were in an old hospital or something and people were dead and after us. someone said that to bring people back to their normal selves they would have to sacrifice my daughter to which i fought violently to stop her being taken. i hid her and guarded the area but she toddled away when i wasnt looking and i ran around desperately trying to find her. then i saw that all the dead people were coming back to normal selves and that something terrible had happened. finally i found her and i couldnt describe what had happened to her and i just curled up beside her and cried holding her to me. i woke up in tears and cannot get these images out of head and it still brings me to tears and dont want to sleep incase i dream of it again. please help.

  13. nancy bravo perez says:

    im worried my bother had a dream where he was being attacked by a demon that was chasing him with a knife and that he was running for his life then the demon caught up to him but then he woke up…but before he woke up the demon told him”even if you do wake up i’ll be waiting for you” and my brother whole body started shaking vigorously and we calmed him down by rubbing alcohol and garlic on him and once he was calmed down we started to rub an egg on him and the next day the egg had 3 strands coming out and i dont know what it means but im very worried for my brother and how can we prevent this from happening again

  14. Anarchy says:

    I had a dream of me being in a Catholic church and on a table, i found this statute of a witch with red eyes and i holded it and it spoke to me and said “he’s here” (referring to Satan maybe?) in a very demonic voice as i only heard that in my right ear and not my left and i was scared shirtless trying to wake up while in my dream everything went blurry probably because they didn’t want me to wake up, then i woke up not being able to go back to sleep because of it i had a lot of fear going back finding myself with that Satanism shit again.

  15. keith says:

    i had a dream yesterday…in my dream,my piano got broke…and i said to myself that i coulnt play it anymore….

  16. Tessa says:

    Hi Rose me and my mother have always had dreams that are werid…… like one time my mom dreamed that we were in our house and i was very young and someone had broke in and was about to shoot me and she had dived in front of me and got shot in the head that was when she woke up and felt like something had burned her on the head… me i will be dreaming of myself going jogging and then all of sudden these group of boys surround me and start attcking me i feel them holding me down and stabbing me over and over again till i wake up and feel like they still have a hold of me it takes a few minutes for it to go away can u please help me find out why this is happening to us it scares me to death.

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