I hate the color of my eyes

Gosh…someting is not right. i tried writing to you two times. and i just get loged of :-( anyways Rose, i really dont wanna repeat all that i wrote, may be we could be friends……cause i really dont have any friends i can speak with so we could be email friends. also, i had written,,,,that in office i showed of my hazel brown lense when i have black eyes and lied to all….now i have a eye infection and i cant wear lense…..i hate to show the colour of my eye…..so i know its dumb, but do you think you could change my black eye to hazel brown…. hey Rose i knoow you cant…so take it as me kidding. love ya……..felt good to talk to you……thou my email never reached you as i got logd of two times see ya cheryl

Merry Meet Cheryl, It is wonderful to see that your email to me did arrive. See how the Universe works? You seem to be a very smart person and although you lied to your friends about the color of your eyes, your eye infection will heal and you will be back to the same you whom many people will find attractive. We often forget that people come in different shapes, sizes and colors. No one color or shape is better than any other. It is like saying that the blue bird is prettier than the red bird. Colors are just pigments. Depending on your origins, your physical and mental features will be different. And that is a good thing, isn’t it? Haven’t we all seen those robots on TV, all look alike, speak alike and think alike. We certainly don’t wish to be like that, do we? Also, in real life, different people like different things. For example, a guy with brown or hazel eyes will find a girl with black eyes very beautiful and “exotic”. Similarly a man with blond hair may get attracted to people with jet black eyes. More than outer appearances, what keeps a relationship thriving is how we interact with each other. Most happily married couples rarely look like film actresses/actors or models (no body should look like the current ematiated models either). Looks are only part of the attraction. For a happy life, we all need to “look beyond the looks” at the heart and spirit of the person who we are attracted to or whom we want to attract. So Cheryl, you are a perfectly beautiful girl as you are now, this intant. Be thankful for the eyes you have through which you can see the beauly of the world. The more thankful you are of what the Universe has bestowed on you, the happier your life will be. Your eyes will heal quickly too. Get a mirror and look deeply at yourself. Thank the Universe for each of your physical features. Regardless of how you feel, think of how the Universe has blessed you and feel the sense of joy that pours out of your grateful spirit. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. janet andersen says:

    Do you believe that possible to practice witchcraft and christianity at the same time?I love them both. I was raised in the Episcopal Church and sang in the choir until I 18.For a few years I worked in hospitals. I married a quaker and sporadicaly attended meeting with him.Most of the people I met there were very nice. The marraige did not last. I remarried a very open minded man. He taught me to drive and we spent a lot of time going to book stores. It was there that I discovered pagens and witch craft. I have been reading and studying it for at least 20 years now. For a while I thought that I was just somebogy that liked to burn candles and light incense. I stumbled on your website and was impressed with what you said about it having to be something on the inside first and last. I have read books by the late Scott Cunningham, the late Al G Manning, Patriscia Telesco and many others. I beleive that all religions were meant to fit together in a beautiful way that we don’t yet understand. Where I have trouble is that I love 2. PS I am the lady that left you the voice mail about the letter from the “rev” Popover and the illegable scrall in your PO box. I continue to digest your mini magic course albeit slowly and passionately beleive in Karma. Bright Blessings to you and yours, Janet

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