I need a loving relationship

after being in an abusive marraige for 34 years and sick with RSD for the last 10 of those years my husband left .he was never a real man or any type of soul mate . his hate for me almost killed my soul the only good that came out of it was my 2 children and my 9 grandkids ,who i love dearly…. i have worked hard all my life and even during my illness i worked very hard …i almost have my B.S. but he left me so far behind in the bills many bad things have happened because of his long range plans to leave me …and for another woman… he is an evil soul and he will get his just by plain karma.i am so lonely in my heart ….now i know i have never been truly loved ..i pray for my true love to be sent to me …and for that real man to love me for who i am ..my heart is so sad.. please say a special prayer for my true soul mate to come find me. i am 51 yrs old and cant believe that this is all life has to give my heart.i have found more comfort in your thoughts .like having a best friend. i thought i had one but his hate for me grew and grew …he tried to kill me more than once ..i am in dire need of money and love i want to be held in my lovers arms so bad… can you help me in any way ? your friend Linda

Merry Meet Linda,
I am very sorry to hear that you had such a tough life, Linda. It is very difficult to live in a love-less marriage, work full time and raise the kids all by yourself. Now that your ex is out of the picture, it is time to re-arrange your life and make it what you desire.
In this age, 51 is not that old at all. There are many people who will love to have a wonderful partner to be with and to enjoy the rest of your lives. However, there are some things you need to remember if you wish for an amazing life of love and desire.
First of all, never let your hope go down. You mention that your heart is so sad. When your heart is sad, it is difficult to hope for a better future. So you have to be your own cheerleader. Find something to be happy about all day. Simple things like, hey I can see! I can walk, I can run, I can breathe easily etc can transform into a wonderful feeling of joy.
When you wake up in the morning spend a few minutes before you get up to thank our Creator and friend, God. She/He is the only person who is constantly watching out for our happiness and joy. Thanking God is amazing because God immediately gives us something to smile about. Try it.
Another way to make yourself happy is by making someone else happy. I am sure you know that when you help out at an orphanage, your joy multiplies and your sorrows diminish. Also, being happy all day brings you prosperity and amazing happiness. Keep your heart and spirits up at all times and know that you are being cared for at all times.
Never speak ill of anyone and know that you are going to enjoy an amazing life from now on.
Brighest Blessings

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