I need a Magick spell to regain money that was stolen!


I have only managed 1 successful spell, in 3 years. I need a spell to regain the money that was stolen from me (if that is an ethical thing to do) and, mainly, I want a spell to find love, and get rid of the negative heartache and sorrow that I have endured for the past 3 years…… Can you help?


Hi Lisa-

You don’t need magick to regain money that was stolen from you, if your claim is legitimate, you need a civil attorney. However, it sounds as though you need to do a house cleansing for the love, money, and ridding of negative influences. Burn sages all over the house after you’ve cleaned it. (Yes, physically cleaned it.) Pour a small amount of salt on each window sill and in every doorway leading outside. You need to start fresh.

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  1. Thomas says:


    Is it anyone outthere who praction witchcraft for the god and not getting paid 500$ for a luck spell? If you are doing this for a good purpose and you have been given the gift to do so, why should any poor people suffer from not getting help from you.

    I really need some good life long luck, can you help me?? what can I do?



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