I need to speak to my dead mother….

ok i need help… my mom is dead and she keeps coming to see me and starts talking but i cant under stand… how can i contact her???

Your dead mother is visiting you and speaking to you, but you cannot understand what she is saying. Well, I can certainly see where that would be most disconcerting and frustrating to say the least – as well, communication is often the key to understanding. And if your mother is coming to visit you now that she has passed on, it is a fairly safe assumption that there is something which she wishes to share with you…. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to facilitate communication between you and your mother…. First, you will want to determine in what are your mother’s spirit is most often manifesting itself to you – as that location will very obviously make for the most open and accessible avenue of communication. Once you have done that, go there and light a bit of incense to attract them. Personally I would suggest using some sweetgrass or dittany – but if your mother had a favorite incense, then that would work just as well. In a loud, firm voice, explain to your mother that at present that you are not able to understand what it is that she is trying to convey to you – and thus you need for her to find another way in which to communicate with you. Once she understands that you are not able to understand her, she will likely seek an alternative method of communication – so stay alert for such things. Good luck.

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  1. Raj says:

    I lost my mother month back I am alone now its really painful she dies suddenly when I return home within Half-an-Hour .Can I speak to my dead mother?What I will do?
    God is great let someone help me?
    With tears

  2. David Stein says:

    My Mother died when I was 2. I am “illegitamate”, she never married. I want to contact her to ask if the man piloting the plane (a small 2 seater; he also died) was my father. As I get older, this bothers me more and more. Can you help me, please?

    Thank you so much!!

  3. Ashley says:

    please help me get in contact with my recently deceased mom. she died tragically in a one vehicle car accident on nov 6 2009. we think she may have been murdered but the cops say she fell asleep. she had just left her house heading to work and was wide awake when she left the house and had only made it 6 miles down the road to her point of impact. there were no brake marks and my mom isn’t the type to drive if she thought there was a chance she would fall asleep. no one not just my family believes she fell asleep. she was suffering no medical probs and she would have told me because we talked about everything numerous times a day. i cannot accept her death until i figure this out. i am begging for your help.
    lost in grief

  4. renee says:

    My Mother died suddenly 3 months ago. I was with her when it happened. I’m still in the home we shared together and I just can’t believe she is really gone. Today is the first Thanksgiving without her and I miss her so much. My whole world has changed.

  5. Nethaji says:

    Mu mother died on 29th Nov 2009.I need to speak to her ,Can anyone help please?

  6. Sixto Garcia says:

    I would like to know the meaning of someone putting my picture in between a dozen of dead roses? My ex girlfriend had the full stem dead roses for over a year and when we moved in to help her dad, we have been having verbal fights and then one day I noticed that she put my picture in between the roses. I mentioned it to her and all she told me was that it was just for decoration to the bedroom. Please, I hope you can respond to this comment. Thanks

  7. vijay says:

    i was with my mother awake until 3.30 am on 18th december but she breathed her last between 3.45 and 5.30 am when i fell asleep i loved my mother a lot and was very dependent on her i wish i could relate to her and speak can any one help me please


  8. Patricia says:

    My mother passed 10th December whilst I was with her … I told her she was an amazing mum and I think she smiled. I’d like to know if she heard me, and if it was a smile… moments later she breathed her last, but I worry that it was pain, not a smile at me – her eyes came into focus on me at the end. I miss her so much. I just want to know she’s happy now.

  9. Rose Ariadne says:

    Dear Patricia,

    That is a heartbreaking story, and my heart bleeds for your loss.

    I believe your mother heard your words. I also believe she already knew what she meant to you.

    And… I don’t believe she was in any pain either. She sounds as if she was at peace… and she’s in a better place. I believe you’ll see her again one day, in some way.

  10. dc says:

    i lots my dad 20m yrs ago, i have a 19 yr old dauther whom never met him. but when she was only 3 she made me call my mother, she wanted to tell her that her grandfather told her not to cry anymore that he was in no more pain that he was alright.for her not to worry so much about him.she told me that she was crying for him right before we called,she wanted to know if he was alright.i didnt have picture of my dad around cuz it was to painfull for me to see them, but she went to my room in my box and took his picture out and told me that he was he grandfather, and that he would takecare of her forever.

  11. Prash says:

    My mom died recently on March1,2010,due to cardiac arrest..It was Holi,the festival of colours in India..but after her demise all colours of my life have gone..M the only daughter of my parents so me and my mom shared a special relationship..she was my mom,my sister and my best buddy..Just a night before..I saw her smiling and the next morning when I woke up..she was found lying in the bathroom floor, struggling to breathe.She took her last breadth on my lap..I am traumatised after her death and I desperately want to talk to her..and tell her how much I miss her and need her..
    LOVE YOU MUMMA…please contact me.

  12. Avni says:

    i have just lost my partner a month ago and i really want to speak to him i dont how- he died in an accident..i just need to talk to him … i want need to no that he loves me and is around me forever-waiting for me

  13. Meenakshi Paul says:

    I want to talk to my mother,i miss herlike anything, i miss her ,i miss her presence..i want her to be with me ..i was not able to fulfill her wishes when was alive…i never expected that she wont b with me…….i want her tobwithme…mamma plz cm nd talk to me……..i love you mamma….

  14. safrina says:

    i love my mother, but she is no more. can i talk to her just for once

  15. Anthoula says:

    My mother and father were coming over to see me on July 1, 2010 (early in the morning)…they hit a tree in their driveway and my mother passed away. Is there any way that I can communicate with her, she died instantly. I haven’t had any dreams or sitings of any sort.

  16. mona says:

    Hi, i was missing my mom badly who died 12 yrs ago, i started to google stuff & ended up on your website, the weird part is that the msg on dec 18th caught my eye ie my bday anywho i just said outloud that pls mom talk to me, i promise i will not be scared & turned off the lights, 5 mins later my alarm clock started to flash/blink red, i totally freaked out & started to pray, when i opened my eyes it was pitch black again, the flashing stopped, omg, i know she was here, do you think that was her?

  17. bruse atkin says:

    i dont know how to ask this kind of thing. but here goes, my mother was murdered in early september. and i feel like there is something that she and i still need to talk about. if you need her name or something, i dont really know how this works. thank you if you manage to get this. and even more so if you can help.


  18. Despondency says:

    It’s been 2 years since my mother passed- my life without her has proven not worth living. She was the only person who believed me, loved me and understood me…I haven’t experienced the warmth or of safe, non-sexual, human affection since before her death. I don’t think I can go on much longer even though she would want me to- it’s too painful, and I really have lost hope that my life can get better and I want to go to her, and my dad, and bask in her loving embrace and quit this life where I’m forced to be alone, except for my cat, suffering, terrified, empty.

  19. javier says:

    My mother Silvia just died in a tragic car accident I live alone with my big brother she 16 and little brothe she 12 I’m 14 and we are doing our best to pay off the rent ourselves no one really liked us god has takin my life away he also took my father last year he died from cancer my moms friend Monica ages really cool she wants to adopt us but I feel a lot safer at my friends megans house and they said they might adopt me I wish they do let my sufferings end please I need help there’s a charity thing on facebook they have for me and my brothers please we need help its called the Elias family charity what do I do I don’t want to lose my friends and I also don’t want to lose my brothers but I will try my best to live with my friend Megan my religeouse aunt will say no maybe and make me go to Canada I don’t want to what do I do?

  20. oli says:

    Is there anyway to talk to my mom again? I need to tell her sorry she died in a car accident here in utsh yes its still me javier but umm the last thing I told her was fuck my life before she got hit and I wanna say that I love her

  21. nana says:

    Anyone have questions please go to keen.com and look for anne bluepanter spirit she will help you. My ex died and and he came to her and told her things for me and I know it was him.

  22. Mehedi Hasan.. says:

    My mother died just last month,even i don’t want to remeber that date,i have no power to remeber even that date..i cry every second,every moment,just to see her,just to talk..As i am muslim,I am praying for her soul evrytime..allah save her soul in a good place of haven aammmeennn…summah aammeeennn…I read almost every1 story,how they r missing mom…allah please keep all that mom’s you took and give them better place in a haven..summah aammeennn…

  23. Mehedi Hasan.. says:

    La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah …….This is the pray for every mom…Allah you are great you knows everything better then anyone..please keep them safe,fine and tell them how we are missing our mom’s here in this world ,in our daily life,every moment,every second……..Rabbir Hamhuma Kama RabbaYani Sagira…..aammmeeennn …summah aammeennnn….

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