I wake up with scars….

I wake up with scars in the same places! Please help me!”

I see. Well, I suppose given then none transient nature of scars, it would be odd if you woke up and they were in different places. So, I would suppose that it is perfectly normal to wake up to such things. But, in all seriousness, I just completely don’t understand people who post questions such as this. Why would anyone want to not only waste their own time, but also the time of everyone else here? There are actually some people who have real questions and concerns and would like to have them responded to in something resembling a timely fashion. But, unfortunately every time I have to stop and deal with these kind of non-sense questions or the questions that mocks the religions of others or are just pointless bantering – well, it takes time away from all those other people that i would much rather be responding to and hopefully helping in whatever manner I can. So, please take a moment or two before wasting the time of others and consider what you are doing first. We are each responsible for the decay in manners and social responsibility when we do things like this – or allow others to get by with doing such things. And so, I would like to personally ask others to please stop posting these types of things. I would very personally appreciate it.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ok,soooo on the topic of scars lol.I have been trying to figure out this for a long time now as well as some friends of mine.On a night that is was storming bad a Lightning bolt scar appeared on my back but I never hurt it or anything….Any Ideas?

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