I want to be a good witch

Hello my name is TT and as a child I always felt as havin a darkside but never acted on it . I want to become a witch but not a bad one that hurts people.So is there good witches if so i want to be one

Merry Meet TT,

It is wonderful to hear from someone who had the good sense to stay on the good side of life. Witches are like regular people. There are good ones and there are the ones who may use their powers to hurt others. I am happy to hear that you wish to stay on the side that helps people.

The Universe, which is really what rules our lives, knows immediately when we act in a good way or in a terrible way. So the rewards of witchcraft is already built in. Bad witches won’t last long and good witches will rule the world if they do so in a fair and simple way. So there are more good witches in this world than bad ones.

As for you, you can begin to learn about witchcraft if you are over 13 or so and change your religion to Wicca if you really, really like what you see. Around 13 or so, chidren’s minds slowly awaken to the possiblities in life.
Until then, what children know about religion or faith is all that the parents have brainwashed them with. As the hold of the three richest religions loosen away, one can think for themselves and find ways to live happily without the control of the Big three religions which have done nothing but bring our world to a standstill.

When you read about Wicca and the people who are joining Wicca in droves, you will be able to understand the freedom and pure joy that comes with knowing that we are not “controlled” by any entity and that we can use our own powers to live the way we want to. There is really no hell, no purgatory and no Satan – all of these are imaginary entities that have been conjured by the big three religions to scare people away from other simple, natural ways of life. However, now that these tactics are backfiring, Wicca is the fastest growing religion in USA.

Brightest Blessings

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