I want to be a wizard

i believe in witches and wizard i want to be a wizard with real spells. do i need a wand to do the spels? can you help me with learning the spells? do i need a spell book to cast spells?? thank you

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear from someone who wants to cast spells. However, the first and foremost reason for being a witch should not be a selfish one and al of us need to help everyone around us to be perfect witches. Witchcraft is all about helping ourselves to be the best we can be without the interference from other religions which are greedy for power.
As a natural religion, Witchcraft has been practiced over millenniums without any trouble because more people understood the value of Nature and our duty to sustain it so that we can enjoy it forever. Many people get confused over seeing movies which portray Witchcraft as a game or puzzle with flying dragons and people changing shapes, etc. Witchcraft, the religion is all about our internal powers, especially the power of our spirit.
Many people are attracted to this religion but many of them do not have the discipline to learn about this religion, practice it alone or with others, and use it for the good of the world. Witchcraft is all about doing beneficial acts for others who are less powerful and in need of help. As we get more and more powerful, we realize that our powers enable us to live happily, comfortably and joyfully.
As we settle down to a happy existence, we must remember others who may not understand this powerful religion and who may be under the influence of the controlling religions. We, the practitioners of the most ancient and simple religion in the world have to be the leaders of this new wave of life that does not discriminate or spread fear in the name of God.
Brightest Blessings

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