I want to be with him….

i like this boy he likes me too but, we don;t have time for each other. all I want is too be with him for atleast an hour? thats all I’m asking for

Hello there my dear, My dear if you cannot make at least an hour to be together, regardless of how busy your schedules may or may not be… well, then obviously there is not really anything there worth your time to pursue. Do not get me wrong, my dear. I do realize that time is a very precious commodity. But there are twenty-four usable hours in each and every day. Even if you figure that eight of them are devoted to getting a good night’s rest, that still leaves sixteen usable hours each day. If you are spending each of those hours working, all seven days a week… well, I would be very, very surprised… and I would assume that you would burn out very quickly to say the least. It is sometimes amazing how much free time we find we really have when we sit down and take an assessment of our lives and begin to determine the things that pointlessly steal away our time each day (like television… which has to be the worst time thief ever conceived of)…. So, if you and this boy really like each other and you really do want to spend time together, then it should not be too terribly difficult to sit down and sort out a bit of time for each other by simply planning your time a bit more efficiently and cutting out some of the extra unneeded bits.

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