I want to cast spells more quickly…..

If i wanted cast a spell on anything consisting of people how would i go about doing it in less time

Hello there dear, From your question it seems that you want to be able to quickly cast spells on people and you want to know how to go about doing it…. Well, the short answer is, “You do not….” Let me explain. Magic is not fast food. It is not something to be pre-packaged, slapped together, and rushed. It is not an expedient means to an end. And it certainly is not something where you just wave a wand, say a word, and watch the fireworks – at least if you are not in a Harry Potter movie… which is kind of what it sounds like you are looking for…. As to casting spells on people… well, the only time you should be weaving magic on others at all is with their permission and to their benefit. And well, if you have both permission and it is going to help them, I can hardly believe that anyone is going to be in such a big hurry that they would be trying to rush you along and thus risk spoiling the magic…. And well, if you are looking to cast spells on people who are unwilling or unknowing… or spells that are not for their benefit… then I would remind you that the core teaching of my faith is, “Harm no other.” And well, I do not know about you, but I take this portion of the teaching very, very seriously.

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