I want to give my ex-boyfriend bad luck…..

Want to give my ex boyfriend bad luck

Hello there dear, So, you want to give your boyfriend bad luck and I am guessing you are wanting me to tell you how to do this? Well, my answer to that is, “No.” The core tenet of my faith it, “Harm no one.” I would say that giving someone else bad luck would definitely fall under the category of harming another… and what is worse is that it would also fall under the auspices of the darker side of the art… which I would not touch with a ten foot pole…. I think you might really want to take a step back and re-evaluate things before you go treading down a path that it sounds like you really do not fully understand or comprehend. Do you really wish your ex-boyfriend ill will? Do you really want to put that kind of bad karma out into the world? And do you really want to reap what you have sown when it ends up coming back to you seven fold? If there are still issues between you and your ex- then perhaps you should see about sitting down with him and see if there is not perhaps a way that the two of you can talk them out and resolve whatever lingering hurts are still there…. And if yo absolutely cannot, then perhaps it would be in your best interest to simply give yourself a bit of space and distance… and not let yourself be consumed by the negative emotions that you are obviously still feeling….

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  1. geraldine z.aguila says:

    I the stepmom of my husband or the other woman of my ex husband had something to do with the jinx in my life for now

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