I want to know what “Demons” have in any significance to wicca

Well I just recently encoutered some physical manifestations of demons, I want to know what “Demons” have in any significance to wicca, and what the the time 3:00a.m has to you guys. It happened to be 3:00 am when i was encountered, and I’ve heard that 3:00 is when wiccans or witches do their spiritual thing or something. clarify?

Hello there my dear,

As far as my own personal stance on the matter (as opposed to speaking for all Wiccans everywhere), I do not put any stock in the term “demon”….

You see, demons (as opposed to malevolent spirits) are much more a construction of certain religions and the faiths and dogmas that have sprung up around them. So, for instance, in the Christian belief, demons are the angels who fell during the great schism in heaven when Lucifer and the renegade angels rose up to try to overthrow God due to the fact that he loved man better than them.

So, since I do not follow the teachings and doctrines of Christianity, it would be somewhat silly of me to put any stock into that portion of their mythology.

So I suppose my question for you would have to be, “What are these physical manifestations that you have recently encountered and what makes you believe that they may be in some way linked to demons?”

As to three in the morning… yes, there are some out there that believe that is the true witching hour, as opposed to the more traditional twelve in the morning that many believe to hold sway for the darker arts.

The theory, as you probably saw in the film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, is that Christ died at 3pm, and thus the inversed time of 3am would hold some significance to those doing devilish things.

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