I was told that I am a hereditary witch with a strong psychic centre: What is your opinion on this?

I recently had an indian spiritual reader, tell me that I was a natural born witch!He said I have a third eye,but that I have it closed.Seems that my grandmother and mother were apparently withes and I also was born a witch.He even went as far as to say that when I was a child I would have out of body experiences.I have blocked most of my childhood due to traumatizing events.What I would like to know is how can I find out if this is true?Can I be a natural born witch? I don’t know my biological mother,so I don’t know who to turn to for advice.My entire life I have felt as if I alone even though I’m surrounded by loved ones.I’ve never really had close friends,and I’m fine with it.The spiritual reader said it’s because I’m differant , he said “It’s because your just like me ,but your third eye is closed.What do you think?

Merry Meet Seeker!

I am glad that you have contacted me with this question. I will see how I can answer it …and perhaps starting off with the 3rd eye is best.

The third eye is the pineal gland, which is deemed to be by some to be the seat of the soul and the seat of the psychic experiences people have. All people are born with latent psychic ability. Most people have had one or another psychic experience at some point in their lives. There are people who have the ability to tap into their psychic centres at will, and in whom the third eye is highly developed. Others seem to find it hard to open their third eye, but manage to do so with training, patience and perseverance. Other still, never manage to succeed at this.

The reader appears to imply that you were born with a well developed psychic centre and that you have closed it down. You may not even be aware that you did. Many children close down because of fear, fear of ridicule or simply because of social circumstances.

The point is that you can open your third eye. Attending a guided meditation group is very helpful and I have seen spectacular results in my life time. You could also attend training through the Spiritualist Church if there is one in your area. They have circles on a regular basis aimed at development. This too should prove very helpful.

I think the reader implied that you are from a lineage of witches. This in itself does not make you a witch though … you have to study the Craft to achieve that. It is really a pity that you do not know anybody in your maternal lineage, as they may be carrying the special traditions in Witchcraft associated with your bloodline. Even so, if you are comfortable with the Craft, you could consider taking a course.

Your path has but started … and I wish you love, light and happiness on the way forward.

Brightest Blessings

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  2. Lord of Devil-Vampir says:

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