If I make a mistake in the spell, will the powers hurt me?

okay ive asked you a question earlier today but i forgot to ask one thing. see, i completed the first 2 lessons of your 7 day trial and in both of them you asked me to “snuff” out the candle. well i didnt know you ment i should pinch it out so i blew it… but i was goin thrusome of the other questions youve answered and i found out that if i blow it, its an insult to the air and fire elements or something. well i didnt know about that so does that mean my meditations didnt work at all?? and are the “air and fire elements” going to hurt me in some way for insulting them?! PLEASE ANSWER ME FAST cuz im really scared!

Don’t worry, you will not get hurt because you did not know about this. The natural elements are very forgiving, especially when they know that you are just starting to perform magickal rituals. There really is nothing to worry about. Usually we can save some of the candle for later use if we snuff it out. Blowing it out may be dangerous and may scatter the energies in all the directions. That is why it is not recommended. Your meditations will work depending on how much of your personal energy you invested in the spells. No, the Elements do not do evil things such as hurting you in any way because they feel insulted. Really, you do not have to worry about it at all. The Elements and Deities are powerful, but gentle entities who love us and will not hurt us at all. What we do is ask for their guidance and then allow them to work for us. If we do not give them the directions on what we need, or if we are not clear in our directions, then the spell may weaken a bit. That is why it is important to cleanse the tools, clean the area, concentrate well and use your own voice rather than use any spells from the internet. When you get more experience using spells, you will understand that the Elements are our friends and they are always willing to forgive us for any little mistakes we make. And we all make mistakes all the time, usually unintentionally. I hope this helps ease your worries. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I just have a few questions on Wicca and wicca Spells. Being Catholic we or I have been instilled with many fears one is witchcraft and it being evil or resorting to the devil.
    My question is I have asked to have a spell cast to have my ex husbands just leave me and my children alone so that we may have a more peaceful life to live. I’m tired of fighting battles in court and things only keep getting worse than better. I don’t want any harm to them I just want too be able to move on with my life. Is that asking the devil to help me and not haveing faith in my god that I was brought up with? or is that more my own fears playing tricks on me. I guess I’m looking to understand that witch craft is not bad people but people who want to help. But how can I beleive that all things are good not that there is Good and BAD in everything? I hope You can understand what I am asking since it’s more fear than anything else that is talking.

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