If I’m a scientific person, can I still do Witchcraft?

I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft for some reason, but I don’t know if a scientifically oriented person like I am can believe in the power of it. The part that always interested me is the healing part – I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to harm any other being for anything. Is the power that witchcraft claims to have real?

First of all, I am glad that you are exploring the craft and finding more about
it. There is a reason that you are drawn to it. I feel that everyone who has an
interest belongs in the path to some degree. To address the first part of you�re
your statement, about being scientifically oriented, there have been some exciting
scientific discoveries in the last 25 years. These studies and experiences are
beginning to prove that which we�ve known in the Pagan community for centuries.

One of the most famous is Time magazine�s visit to Laurie Cabot�s
coven roughly 20 years ago. Laurie Cabot is �Salem�s Official Witch�
and an author and teacher of the craft. The writers and photographers observed
a coven ritual, took pictures and interviewed members. The photos later showed
blue energy streaming between the hands of the coven members, which could not
be scientifically explained.

Recent discoveries in quantum physics are proving that matter is indefinitely
affected by the emotions and presence of the scientific observer. Essentially,
this is showing that the will of a person can change matter and conditions.
These are basic magickal principles.

This phenomenon is most recently recorded by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his studies
of emotions and water. He found that there were visible and significant changes
in the formations of water crystals depending on the emotional messages that
were used. More on his research can be found at http://www.whatthebleep.com/crystals/.

In short, witchcraft is real. Witchcraft is all about taking your personal
energy and projecting it to attract situations, people and events to yourself.
You can also send your personal energy outward to heal, protect and provide
support to people and things around you. For me, witchcraft is all about healing.
Even when I am drawing something to myself, I understand that I am not taking
from or harming anyone. I am drawing from the abundance that the God and Goddess
provide on this earthly plane.

You can definitely perform witchcraft to heal, and not hurt, and the effect
that it can have on your life and the lives around you can be dramatic.

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