If White Magick Doesn’t Work, Should I Try Black Magick?

Hello Rose; My questions are following: Does black magick come with bad consequences or bad karma? If I want a growing taller spell, and I buy few different types of magick(white, black, voodoo,Egyptian,…..) from different psychics or witches for the same spell, will the result work faster or will the spells interfere each other? I have few spells that don’t work, how do I know if I am immune to certain magick spell like white magick? should I try black magick? Thank you so much!

Absolutely not! I am sure that it can be frustrating when you wish you were a bit taller, like when the jar you need is just out of reach. I hate having to call my husband in to help me get down the herbs I need for a spell. It just makes me feel silly. But turning to multiple forms of magick to help you grow taller is not the answer. The problem with that is twofold. One, some types of magic are just plain evil. Black magic usually relies on sacrifice, of someone or something else, not personal sacrifice and involves dealing with forces that are best kept far away. Second, magic requires belief. If you don%u2019t believe that it will work, it won%u2019t. And, when you try five different spells from all different types of religions and paths of the Craft, you are proclaiming very loudly that you don%u2019t believe the first one will work. So, the key is choose one path that you identify with and follow that and only that. In addition, at your age, it is very important to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrition. Growing requires healthy bones, healthy bones require calcium and vitamin D. Consider a spell that incorporates milk and sunshine into your casting ritual. Not to sound too much like a mom, but eat your broccoli. All of these things will help your body be ready when the spell works. Then, just get ready for the growing pains.

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  1. Geneen says:

    Dear Rose,

    How many spells are in your home academy? Are their spells for making true friends that are of like mind and spirit? For someone like myself who has had allot of finacial problems are there spells in your academy that would end my finacial woes, and how long before I would start seeing results?
    Another big hurdle for myself has been attracting the right people into my life so with your love spells what would be a reasonable amount of time to see a love spell work. Providing I have a sacred place set up, cast my circle before casting all spells whats the time frame? And when the spell is over I dismiss it all. Are there spells in your academy for various aspects of life? Because another major hurdle I have is doors of great oppurtunity opening for me. Doe your program cover these area?
    Thank You.
    Many Blessings

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