Ill omens….

Hello, I have been hurt by my mother sister and one of my brothers for years. I have done nothing but try to help them anyway I can. Just in the past year they have all turned there backs on me over money they all owed me, and blame me for my sister finding out after 41 years that she might not be my Dads daughter. Something my brother and I knew our whole lifes but never said a word about it. My brother started using some bad drugs(meth) and some how everthnig came out. I got the blame. So the other day my sister left a message on my cell saying she did not want to speak to me, but she loved me and missed me. I was so hurt, it was like a slap in the face to me. I was very sick that day and in bed, so I asked all my guides angels goddess and the witches that I have came from to please send the pain that they give me back to them. I guess I fell asleep and saw three woman in black cloks, they started nailing a black rose upside down above my sisters business the nail was very old not like todays nail more like and old horse shoe nail. Then they had wooden buckets and started throwing some type of liquid on the windows and walls on the outside of her business. Then they nailed a black rose upside down on the door way of her house, my mothers house, and my brothers house they were all hung upside down, oh and one on my sisters front porch on the ground for her to step on when she walked out of her house. I told them I did not want them to die and all of a sudden they went back to each rose and put a mark on them. Then I woke up! I have been searching in all my books and on line what this could mean. Can you help me with this? Thank you very much. Love and Light Sherrie

Hello there Sherrie, Well, my dear, by wishing harm on others you do realize that you have broken the single most important tenant of the witches’ rede… yes? “Harm no other.” Seems pretty self explanatory to me. When you invoke or intone magic, you do so for good and pure reasons. You do not do it with ill or malice in mind. And no, the reasons and the justifications absolutely do not matter. It does not matter how nasty or bad someone has been to you… all you are going to get for putting more ill into the world is grief. Remember… you reap what you sow… and well, it sounds like you might be in for a very bitter harvest indeed…. What I can offer you, if you would like, is a spell to help undo the ill effects you have wrought…. A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic If, for some reason you believe that another person is using magic in order to adversely affect you in some way, you can make use of this simple spell to remove their negative influences. What you will need: Two teaspoons of almond oil Rosemary essential oil A mixing bottle A sheet of white paper A black ink pen A white altar candle A purple taper candle A fireproof bowl Place three drops of the rosemary essential oil and the two teaspoons of almond oil in the mixing bottle. Charge the mixture by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands, focusing your thoughts on the purpose of your spell-weaving as you do so. Set this aside. Light the white candle, focusing on the flame. As you do this envision whomever is responsible for the negative influence upon you growing smaller and smaller within the confines to the flame. Anoint the purple candle with the charged oils, drawing the oil away from you as you do so. This will help to redirect the negative influences away from you as well. Now set this candle aside. On the white paper write the words, “All blocks are now cast aside.” Fold the piece of paper in half three times. Now light the purple candle and use its flame to set fire to the folded paper. Place the lit piece of paper into the fireproof bowl. Focus on the flames, repeat the following aloud three times: “As this paper burns away, Elements please hear me pray, Turn back the ill will sent to me, And send it on its way.” As the flame dims, see the ill dissolving with them, then bring the session to an end by smothering the flame the rest of the way.

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