Imbibing Planetary Power Spell

I met a guy from Quest that was advertised on tv so after dating him a short time i moved to his area.which is Petersburg Va and it has a Mental hospital in the town. I have no family in the town theyre 3 hours away.Every since ive been in the area it seems theres so much hate against me, on jobs and at stores,anywhere i go. And after me and him had been together about 3 months we had started having arguments.But whats odd about it is that its the black race which has these negative ways and i am black which lots of people say they can tell i have indian in me because of my hair..When i am out of the area its such great relief.We tried to leave the area twice but it didnt do so well,we came back. Financially this is the worst i ever been.Please help me figure out if there a spell on me

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is really unfortunate that you are having such negative experiences since you moved to Petersburg. Here is a good spell for you protection so that you and our guy will have a chance for a perfect live together.
Imbibing Planetary Power spell
This spell uses the powers of the Moon and the Earth. Both celestial bodies generate a lot of psychic energy that we can harness for ourselves.
For this spell, there are no items – except you!
Step 1: On a day when the Moon is full and is glowing with beauty, step outside.
Step 2: Although this spell is usually done naked, it is okay to wear some flimsy attire if you are worried about neighbors.
Step 3: Stand under the Moonbeams and deeply visualize their electric energy entering you and your body from the heavens.
Step 4: Try to feel your feet on the ground and experience the ground and the Earth’s power entering you and your body through your soles.
Step 5: Appreciate the gently moving breezes and hold your arms to the sides to experience them more personally.
Step 6: Visualize the loving and magickal Moonbeams entering your body from the sides.
Step 7: Stand there until you feel that your magical batteries have been charged fully.
Step 8: Go inside and fall into bed to dream of floating through space.
Brightest Blessings

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