Information on the practice of Wicca then and now

Hi Rose, my name is Taylor Kennedy. I’m a senior in high school. I am doing a completely serious research paper (my final for the semester!) about Wicca. I’ve done tons of research from many sources, but I was wondering if you might answer a couple questions for me. And if you could email me back in the next week (my paper is due the 14th) that would be so amazing, and I’d be so grateful!!! **What is it like to practice Wicca in our modern world? Are you still persecuted? Do you feel the need to hide it from anyone? Do you practice this religion the same way it was intended to be practiced a hundred years ago? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I’d really appreciate an answer from you. Taylor

Merry Meet Taylor, I am so happy to hear that you are doing a serious research paper on Wicca. I am sorry that I cannot email you, but here are the answers for all of your questions. Hope this is not too late for you. Your first question is about what it is like to practice Wicca in our modern world. I can tell you that it is a very exhilarating feeling knowing that we are free spirits and we are not bound by any religious practices. Wicca empowers us as no other religion does. It inspires us to be responsible citizens and encourages us to take our life into our hands. We do not blame anyone when anything goes wrong as we know fully well that we are responsible for our happiness. Wicca also induces a harmonious atmosphere among people because of its three fold rule which clearly states that we receive three times as much as what we give. .Wicca is the only way we can create our own destiny without depending on any other entity. I wouldn’t live any other way! Your second question is about persecution. Fortunately, as people get discouraged and disillusioned with other religions, they move toward the powerful ideals of Wicca which enable them to live life as they wish to. No rules, no punishments after death, and so on. Although there is some persecution in countries where religions have complete power. The people forget to think for themselves and will do anything to please the “masters”. Thankfully, in other countries such as the US, UK, India and Australia, more and more people are being drawn towards this way of life and most of them can speak about their way of life without much aggression from the rest of the population. Afterall, Wicca or witchcraft was the way of life before all the religions arrived. It is only normal that we go back to it. Yes, a hundred (or thousands of years ago) Wicca was practiced more of less in this way. At that time, however, there was a lot of emphasis on evil because people thought that everything had to do with evil eye, etc. So there were more inter-personal issues. Now we know that we can stop any type of energy by using just our minds. So we don’t have to do black magic or revenge magic any more. Because of the three-fold rule in Wicca, most of the practitioners stay to the positive side. We have realized that straying into the negative side hurts us more. Hope this helps with your research paper. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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