Innate powers of the human body

Am I born with the power of a with and I just don’t know it?

Every human being is capable of changing the process of events by just using the natural energy that exists in us. Some of us are just more tuned to it than others.

Our bodies are made of trillions of cells and each cell is composed of molecules and as we all know by the mass-energy equivalence of Einstein’s theory, our bodies are sources of pure energy.

In winter months, the static that we build up is another example of energy buildup in our bodies. Just at the moon causes tides on our earth by its magnetic pull, our bodies also are affected by natural phenomena. By conscious control, we can resist or aid nature.

There are some animals that can sense fear. We can do that too, if we learn how to fine tune our psychic energy and listen for signals from outside. The hair on our neck stands out when we have this innate fear, without actually seeing what causes it.

Granted, like the movie “What women want”, where the main character gets bombarded with the activity of multiple people and cannot distinguish one from another, we also can get overloaded unless we learn to distinguish between chatter , noise and the real signal.

You can do this experiment with someone close to you. Choose a day with your partner when you will do the experiment. Give this person no information except this one instruction. Ask her to write down the exact time when you thought about her. (I will assume it’s a girl friend.) It should be a day when both of you are relaxing at home.

Then you set your alarm clock for certain random times of the day and think very deeply about her. Imagine she is near you and that you are sitting very close to her and staring into her eyes (you can even stare into her photograph). Do this for about 2 minutes or until you are tired. Repeat everytime the alarm goes off.  Later, check out the times that your friend remembered you. If your friend is not easily distracted, then the timings will line up!! Practice often and you will find that you are both easily able to identify when the other is thinking about you.

We can send messages telepathically and even see places telepathically if we train ourselves. Our brains are so much more powerful that we use barely 1/10th of their potential!

A witch merely uses his or her powers to direct the energy of the world to do as s/he desires – spells, rituals, meditation, etc are just experiences in the other realms where we do not need our senses but only our wonderful, gifted, fine tuned spiritual powers.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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