Is homosexuality accepted in Wicca?

Hello Rose^_^ I’ve been a Wiccan/Pagan for about five years now. And even though it’s been awhile since I started, this question has only dawned upon me of late: where do homosexuals really fit in Wicca? I know of many Pagan spiritualities that somewhat carry some form of belief on gay people, but Wicca strives so much on it’s belief of the Mother Goddess and Father God, and fertility. Wicca is suppose to be much about fertility, right? Well, not all of nature produces through male and female plants. There are many female plants who are asexual and reproduce within themselves. Even some animals, such as some crabs, release their in the waters, and impregnate the females. So not all of nature is male-female. So where would I , a gay Wiccan, fit into Wicca? Some Wiccans are even horrible enough to say we don’t fit anywhere in Wicca, and that homosexuality is a curse from the Goddess… I don’t believe it one bit, but it does make someone think. Hope you can help, Rose. I have confidence in you. Hope your having a great week. Bright Blessings!!!

Merry Meet Seeker, Of course gay people are accepted in Wicca. Wicca is one of the most accepting of all religions. The Wiccan Rede has only one serious rule. It harm none, do what ye will’. This means that anyone doing harm to others better prepare for a HUGE backlash. So true Wiccans and coven members do not harm anyone willingly regardless of sexual orientation. Wicca is all about personal power; taking back our right to live, survive and thrive. And this pertains to ALL LIVING THINGS, not even just to humans. As Wiccan is all-encompassing, how can it divide spirits into different classes? No way. Every spirit is here on Earth to go through experiences that THEY CHOSE. Just as there are people who wanted to be presidents and powerful people, there are beings who came here to be mother, cats or birds. There is so much variety and richness in this world that it is beyond imagination how any human being can set aside another as though they were a “curse”. The real reason why people put down others who are have a different color, or speak a different language or sexual orientation is that they need to step on another to feel bigger. Stepping on another may give them a temporary “lift” but they are ignorant of the fact that life gives them a big KNOCK on their head sooner or later. :) So my dear kindred spirit, do not worry. If there are covens or people who need that lift to feel “bigger”, just move away from them and understand that you are not the one who needs to worry. Anyone who puts down another is really screaming for HELP. They will learn the lessons in due course. That is what life is all about. Some religions find it necessary to delineate people and divide them according to sexual orientation mainly because they don’t have a clue what life is all about. Oh well. Wicca is definitely for equality and universal love. Hope you can find a real coven that is truly Wiccan. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Have you ever watched Buffy? Willow is a witch and a lesbian all rolled into one! Follow her path!

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