Is it bad to have love spells cast by different spell casters?

Hi rose is it bad to have 2 love spells being cast by two different spell casters?

Greetings! I can understand that in your eagerness to invite love into your life, you have asked two spell casters to do the work for you. I don’t see any reason to worry. If both the spell casters do their work and do it very well, love will come into your life. Just relax and enjoy your time. It is certainly more effective (and less expensive) to work your own spells. Your own hopes and dreams as well as your heartfelt intentions can do wonders for you life. It may help you in the long run to learn to do your spells. There is no stronger spell that the one that you do for yourself. Love spells are easy because it is very easy to imagine what you would love to welcome into your life. All you need is a private space and some time to sit down and meditate. If you do not have a private space, you can go to the seashore or to any outdoor space where you will not be bothered. Sit down and imagine the person you want to come into your life. You may take as long as you want to visualize that picture in your mind. You can imagine this person’s appearance, behavior, mannerisms, etc. and also think of the loving way in which s/he would meet you, care for you and live with you. Repeat this visualization as often as you can. And I assure you that it will be more effective that paying others to work your spells for you. Brightest Blessings.

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