Is it ok to force someone to be nice to me

Can you plaese e-mail me a spell that i can cast on someone, so they would be nicer to me, please? And i sopose you would want to know why, and well, my best friend, is ignoring me, and my mom’s best friend’s cousin, is a witch, and so i got interested in spells, and stuff, and since my best friend is not being nice to me, i was wondering if i could cast a spell on her. Please, i belive in you!

Merry Meet Friend,
It is wonderful to hear from you. I am happy to know that you believe in me. So you may be interested in what I beleive in, right?
Witchcraft is a wonderful way to live our life. As practitioners, we are able to help create joy, prosperity, love and healing to many people in the world. We can also teach others to live an amazing life by following the rule of witchcraft. There is only one major rule in Witchcraft. We can do whatever we wish to do with one caveat; never harm others.
When we cast a spell, it is okay if it involves just ourselves. An example is a love spell where we visualize our soul mate coming into our life. In this case, we are not naming anyone and our hearts are open to many possibilities. We are not forcing anyone or wishing that a particular person we know come into our life. When we trust the Universe, we will not have to worry about who will be our soulmate.
If you cast a spell to force your friend to stop ingnoring you, you are breaking the most important rule of Witchcraft. You are entering the world of another person and changing their destiny. This is a no-no in witchcraft. The Universe is believed to return three-fold results (or re-actions) for each of our actions. So you may find that more people ingnore you or that all your friends have moved away.
To make your life better, think positively. How can you change the situation?
One way is to talk to the person involved and discuss the issue to find a solution. Another is to do a spell for yourself so that you will find and keep more friends. You could also do a spell for yourself to make you more popular at school or home. See how we can get the same results by changing our attitude?
Hope this helps solve your problem.

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