Is it okay for my ten year old daughter to practice witchcraft?

My daughter is 10 and is interested in practicing small spells is this ok

Merry Meet! Your daughter is very fortunate indeed to have your love and care. Of course it is okay for her to practice it safely with your guidance and proximity. Most of the children who practice the craft this early do not have anyone to guide them. However, you can teach her the practical skills that she will use to teach others one day, hopefully. You have the opportunity to teach her about how the old pagan ways of life are still the best and how we should respect the Earth and everything living in it. Also discuss with her the ways to make a spell more effective such as: 1. Its best to make your own spell. Since the intention is strongest in your own thoughts, it is best to bring out the spell in her own words so that it matches her visualization. 2. Once she has the words written down, she can move on to other things such as where to have the spell (indoors or outdoors), what type of altar she prefers, what items (incense, candles, herbs, flowers, etc) she would like to use, etc. 3. Teach her to take a long bath to dispel all negativity that resides in our bodies. 4. The next thing she needs to learn is to cast a circle and close it with all the items she needs inside the circle. You may also teach her how to open the circle if she needs to get an item and then close it again once she is back to continue the spell. 5. Teach her ways to meditate and focus strongly on her intentions. 6. After the spell is done, she needs to let it go and not cling on to it so that it can work on the Universe without out thoughts binding it to us. 7. You may also teach her about crystals, gemstones and their purposes, healing herbs, potions, how to make incense at home, etc. Above all, teach her about the three-fold law so that she will never hurt herself or anyone else throughout her life. Blessed Be! Rose. 4. Reading a small chapter from a spiritual book may help us cleanse our minds too.

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