Is it okay to cast a protection against someone?

Rose, love your blogs very imformative. I have a question, well actually im looking more for an opinion and/or a suggestion. I have a brother who has been inflicting emotion harm on myself and my other brother and sister(there has been some shoving and pushing also).3 of the four of us live in the family home its a duplex and he lives on one side and my sister and nephew live on the other side. this abuse has been going on now for a couple years but today (july 6th 2007) he went to my 17 year old nephew and threatend to burn the house down if my siter and nephew dont move out. Its a very complex and confusing situation. In the past we have all chosen to ignore the situation hoping it would work it self out but now its gone to a new level. we will be pursuing legal action. however I have been feeling that I need to do something to help my family with some magical action. My thoughts went to protection and binding. I dont have alot of people to guide me in my magical pursuits and was wondering if this course of action is acceptable. I dont want to hurt him but i do want him to stop hurting and threatening my family. So i was wondering if you would be willing to share your thought with me on this. thank you for your time, Blessings MJ

Blessed Be MJ–

I see from your note that you are doing all the right things. Your sister and nephew need to pursue legal action to keep him from harming them. Contact your local domestic abuse shelter immediately for help in obtaining a restraing order that prevents him from coming near your sister or nephew or anyone else he has been threatening with harm.

Then, it is perfect legitimate for you to cast a protection on your sister and ehr home. Make sure she doesn’t mind and then cast a protection over the home and cast individual protections for your sister and nephew as well. Little protection sachets that they can carry will help protect them should they encounter your brother away from the house.

Be sure when you are casting your protection over the house to concentrate a lot of energies in the shared spaces…shared walls, the lawn, etc.

While as a Wiccan I believe that you should not cast on your brother without his knowledge and consent, I think it is perfectly legitimate to seek mundane ways of helping him. Does he have some sort of substance abuse problem that leads to his threats?  Does he gain control of the property if your sister moves out?

Be sure you can answer all these questions and can present his motivation to the judge without rambling when you go before the judge to ask for the retraining order. If you have other witnesses to his actions, that would be helpful too. Anyting you can do to make it clear that he is unstable and a threat to you is important. While I realize he is your brother and you don’t want harm to come to him, take whatever emans necessary to protect your family.

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