Is it okay to create our own spells?

Best Rose, can you just start creating your own spells? Or would you advice against it? thank you x

Greetings! Creating our own spells is an excellent idea. The more earnest and intimate your spells are, the more effective it will be. The sucess of the spell does not depend merely on the strength of the words. The emotion behind it and the force with which we visualize and push them into creation is what makes a spell magickal. And, in most cases, the spells get immediate results if your mind is at its strongest when you work the magick. So by all means, take the time to think through the results and enjoy creating your own spells. Just remember the following: 1. The spell shall hurt no one. 2. Use tools and supplies that will enhance the atmosphere and aid in your spell working. 3. Heed the rules regarding days of the week, moon phases and also position of the planets for best results. 4. Create the sacred space in your heart. Also create an altar or a private space where you can work your spell in peace. Also remember to protect yourself with the sacred circle. 5. Thank all the Energies whom you have invited to aid in your spell working. Take the time to visualize the results with as much detail as you can. After completing the spell, remember to let go of it so that it may be carried away by the energies to create your intentions in a safe and complete way. Brightest Blessings

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