Is it okay to destroy a marriage?

i am a single mom and i met this guy that is married with family. i am madly in love with him and he has some feelings for me too? do you think it is wrong to continue with the relationship and how can i make him fall madly in love with me also i want him to be my solemate. please help! please do not publish my name. keep unpublished.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am sure it is very easy to fall in love with a married man. Many married men are just looking out to get some extramarital fun and so long as women are ready to go along with it, they are more than happy to oblige!
How can we trust a man who is already married and have feelings for others? Imagine that his wife was you. Do you think he will be faithful to you. If a guy is unfaithful, he will always be unfaithful. It is in his blood. Okay, maybe you feel that even a little time with him will make you happier. I can tell you that this short-lived happiness will not only lead to bad karma, but you may find that your own marriage (whether it is to this guy or another) will have a lot of problems.
Yes, most marriages are made in heaven (not the ones that are so okay with cheating, of course) and there is a reason why God brings two people together in matrimony. If there are children in the marriage, the karma is worse. Remember the three fold rule? If you are smart, you will stay away from him. In case he divorces his wife and it was none of your fault, then you are free to court him.
As of now, if he is attracted to you, that is okay. Many men have roving eyes, but that doesn’t mean they cheat. Some guys will look or stare at any woman who crosses their path. They may be born that way. However, we, the women have to remember that our children and our family will suffer if we go around breaking up marraiges and encurring the results fo bad karma for the rest of our life.
Hope you understand that you can find a good husband in many ways, but stealing one from another can only bring you sorrow.
Brightest Blessings

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