Is it okay to start practicing Wicca if I am 11 years old?

Hello, it is quinn again. i am sorry to email you again. today is march 16 and i am to late for your special offer. the next time i would be able to buy any of the of the special offers would be in september, my birth day. I was wandering if you new any teachers closer to me, las vegas, nevada. I have been interested in witchcraft for a long time. i read the other thing and was wandering when your grandma started teaching you. i hope by saying this it will not effect the way you respond. i am 11. i want to start the witchcraft at a young age to. please please respond. thank you.

Merry Meet Quinn, It is good to hear from you again. Of course, you will be able to buy what you want after your birthday comes around. Although it is good to read about Wicca and understand its history, practices and beliefs, it may be good to wait for a while, say until you are eighteen or so to find teachers in your area. Until then, read all the articles on this website and others like it which teaches you how to be a good citizen willing to help others and maintain peace in the world. Anyone wishing to find other Wiccans in their area can always go to the site and communicate with other witches in their city or town. Remember, they are serious adults and they may just ask you to finish up your schooling before getting serious about practicing Wicca. If possible, you may practice it at home if your family doesn’t mind. Make sure you are always safe and you do not leave candles burning or hurt yourself or anyone else at any time. My grandma taught me when I was young, but I had her spiritual guidance since then. So Quinn, it may be better to just enjoy being eleven years old and have a good time with your friends while you read up on the Craft and what it stands for. You will find that Wicca is the fastest growing way of life in the USA and other interesting details about this wonderful religion. Hope this answers your questions. Blessed Be. Rose.

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