Is it okay to use magick to make cash to help the needy?

hi. i’ve always wanted to use this and make a good deal of cash to help those needy people around me. will it be possible and are there any problems associated with it?

Merry Meet Seeker, I believe that you are a very generous person. It is wonderful to hear from a person whose goal is to help the needy. There is no loftier goal in the Universe than helping people who cannot help themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this idea because your intentions are good. The Universe will be eager to help you win this one. Make sure that you ask for specific goals (such as $200 for 40 meals to the Union Mission) or something to that effect so that the Universe knows exactly what you intend to do with the money. After you have cast the spell for a certain sum of money to help the poor, you have to go out there and try to find that money. This could be by mailing envelopes for donations, approaching people you are familiar with, trying to connect with companies or corporations that regularly give a portion of their profits to the disadvantaged, etc. Keep working at it without focusing on the spell. As you work, doors will be opened for you through which you will be able to acquire your desired amount. Remember the Universe will help you even more if you are true to your word and spend all the money helping the needy. You may also invest some of the money in a bank and use the interest to help you set up a monthly income. You will be basically investing some of the money you get so that you have a continuous stream of income to help the needy. There are many ways to raise funds for the poor. Most people are willing to give up some money when they realize that you are honest and trustworthy. There are many organizations that also collect money for the poor through the use of the internet. You may be able to create a website and give details about your charity work so that people all over the world can contribute to it. You can also give micro-loans to the poor so that they can set up their own businesses and thrive on their own.. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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