Is it possible for a mortal to become immortal with a spell?

Is it possible for a mortal to become immortal with a spell?

Merry Meet. Many of us consider ourselves immortal because our spirit never dies. Our body dies at the end of a lifetime, and our spirit goes on to the next life, maybe to another realm. As we are spirits who are here to experience the physical dimension, we really don’t have to worry about mortality in a way. As far as your questions are concerned, I am not aware of any spell that will make us immortal. If there were spells like that, there should be many people living to be thousands of years old. In old mythological stories, we have many characters who lived for hundreds of years. Some of the Indian sages were believed to be thousands of years old. Since history and myths merge together in all cultures and computers were not around in earlier times to record history for posterity, none of us know for sure what happened years ago. People who wrote the history books were quite biased and history is always “his-story or her-story”. It is tough to really know what happend years ago just on this Earth, forget the other realms and Universes. So let us just enjoy this life and live along with the people who came to Earth with us and die when its time to die instead of living on and on when our physical body is incapable of taking care of us. There is no problem in wanting to be immortal though. You could try a spell to increase your life expectancy to a hundred for example. Just make sure that you really want this and will not be depressed if you really live that long. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. steven says:

    i would like to beable to carst good spells but i dont no haw can u put a spell on me so i can her my gardin angle and heal pepole iv trid reading books but i dont understand the words my names steven buck my date of bith is 03/09/89 please help me

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